Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Flowers - PART III

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Now uols dah tahu flowers apa yg sesuai for the first 10th anniversary kan? Mesti uols tak sabar nak tahu what flowers for 10th to 15th years pulak kan? Ada sesapa among my readers here dah kahwin more than 10 years? If there are, congratulations. Alhamdulillah. Dah lebih 10 years uols menjadi seorang isteri yg mithali. Jom kita tgk apa bunga yg sesuai! 


11th Anniversary:
Symbolizing a declaration of love, legend has it that tulip's velvety black center represents a lover's heart darkened by the heat of passion. Believed by many to be the most romantic of flowers, Tulips also represent elegance and grace!

RedBerry suka Tulips!!!!


12th Anniversary:
In full bloom, the lush peony embodies romance and prosperity. Known as the flower of riches and honor, the peony is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.


13th Anniversary:
While misfortune is frequently associated with the number 13, there's nothing unlucky about a chrysanthemum fresh floral arrangement that represents this wedding anniversary. Long associated with abundance and loveliness, the chrysanthemum is also a symbol of fidelity.


14th Anniversary:
A pink orchid conveys pure affection. The popular cattelya orchid represents mature charm. With a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom and thoughtfulness, the graceful orchid symbolises affection and understanding.


15th Anniversary:
One of the earliest flowers known to man! Roses symbolise love, magic, hope and passion. Exquisite and radiant, they are the quintessential messengers of love.

Tergelak jugak biler RedBerry baca nih. Rupanye nye kalau nak Tulips, Orchids and Roses, kena kahwin after 10 years... hehehe... mungkin masa tuh cinta dan rumahtangga pun makin kukuh. InsyaAllah. Tu yg sesuai ngan meaning of the flowers. Interesting kan? :)

RedBerry ada satu lagi entry pasal wedding anniversary flowers. Jom kita tgk the next entry!

Till then... a bientot!

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