Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mon mari... Bon anniversaire de mariage!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

I dedicated this entry to my beloved Baby Sayang, Mr RedBerry.

Dear Baby Sayang,

We began as strangers
We become one with each other... on 10 Nov 2007
We remain as ONE today and FOREVER
Semoga rumahtangga kita dirahmati dan diberkati Allah .... hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin...

Bon anniversaire de mariage

My dearest Sayang, 

For all the special happiness that we share
For showing me in many ways how much you have always cared
For your love which means much more than any words can say
This brings a loving thank YOU.... on our 3rd anniversary today... 10 Nov 2010 

Sunflower for our 3rd anniversary

My dear Mr RedBerry, 

I know i have told you many times how much I LOVE YOU
But since this is our special day... i am saying it once more with an even DEEPER meaning than it's ever had before *grin*

RedBerry Monsieur...... je t'aime!

A sunflower is for our 3rd anniversary. It represents strength, warmth and nourishment..... it all attributes to the SUN itself. The way in which a sunflower turns to follow the Sun symbolises deep loyalty and constancy. It is said that a gift of sunflower signifies a "devout admirer".

Let's celebrate the joy of TODAY... the memories of YESTERDAY... and the hopes of TOMORROW!

Happy 3rd anniversary with LOVE to my wonderful husband.... Mon mari, bon anniversaire de marriage... Je t'aime! Je t'aime! Je t'aime!

Love ya!
Mrs RedBerry


MAMA Hanim said...

wah... sunflower gitew...
ape celebration nye Mrs Redberry? Nak bzbody la nie...hihihi
Ape2 pun, though aku dah wish dlm fb, would like to wish u again, Happy Anniversary to both of u, may love between both of u grow stronger & happily ever after.... ^_^

RedBerry said...

Thanks, nim!!! *big grin* Sunflower tuh symbolic for the 3rd anniversary. Bukan aku dapat pun. Kahkahkahkah. Ko tahu la kan, kita bukan mat salleh dapat bunga :P Kalau ko interested nak tahu pasal bunga apa, nanti aku buat entry pasal what type of flowers for each of anniversary.

Today aku just lepak kat KLCC jer. Nanti aku letak kat the next entry :)

Thanks again for the wish ... amin..