Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Benefit 10 ... be a purrfeccccttt 10!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

For the first time, I just bought myself a product from Benefit! It's BENEFIT 10 - Bronzer and Highlighter. *grin* RedBerry dah try this for two days, and i must say... I LOVE IT!!! The color is not too strong yet the effect is perfect enuf for me esp for day makeup (light and simple). Kalau uols nak guna for night makeup boleh, tapi kena apply byk skit la. RedBerry cuma tercungap la skit biler tgk harga. The price is RM130. For those yg mmg byk duit, RM130 is nothing kan. Esp kalau uols spend for something yg mmg uols pakai and good quality. Ye tak? Nevertheless, I love the smell, love the packaging. Nampak soooo girlie. Here it is!!

Benefit 10 - Bronzer and Highlighter

Before attending the makeup class, RedBerry cukup takut nak bertenggeng kat Benefit counter kat Parkson KLCC. Ye lah sebab tak biasa. Pulak tu tak sure product apa yg elok for me kan? Lepas belaja makeup ngan Eisya Rahman, she introduced me mcm2 makeup from different brands. Mmg seronok and at least kalau pegi ke makeup counter tuh, takde la seram sejuk or tak tahu nak beli apa ye tak? One of the brands is Benefit. Eisya cuma tunjuk Benefit 10 jer, dia kata dia lum tunjuk lagi blusher and other things from Benefit. *gigit jari*

Since RedBerry ada event Bio Malaysia kat KL Convec, RedBerry pun gatal kaki la nak pegi mengusha Benefits products at Parkson KLCC. I approced this SA named May. She's so frenly. RedBerry kalau org tuh frenly and suka melayan, mmg suka. Kalau yg tunjuk sombong or berlagak bagus, mmg RedBerry akan menyusahkan dia layan, then i'll just leave the store with an empty hands. Tapi nasib si May ni melayan. RedBerry tanye ler pasal Benefit 10. So dia mintak RedBerry duduk and yg paling RedBerry suka, dia bukan nye try Benefit 10 jer kat muka, dia start with makeup base called THAT GIRL (nanti kalau dah beli nanti, RedBerry citer pasal tuh ek?), then put some foundation called HELLO FLAWLESS! foundation, then baru apply Benefit 10 kat my face. The result, walla! Love it. Mmg RedBerry nak cari something for shading nih, tapi taknak yg strong sgt kaler, i mean taknak too dark la. Benefit 10, mmg perfect 10 lah for me. Pakai pegi office pun ok.

Then May ni nak suruh kita nampak cun melecun b4 keluar from the store, dia letak la skit lipsticks, kalau tak silap kaler tuh nama nye 'Benefit On The Sly'. :D Rasa cam fresh balik muka ni.. hehehe

Oh! How to use Benefit 10. Satu lagi yg RedBerry suka pasal Benefit ni, dlm kotak tuh mesti ada instruction, on how to apply the item yg kita beli tuh. In fact kat website dia pun ada tunjuk tutorial camna nak makeup etc. Cute kan? Jom kita tgk camna nak apply BENEFIT 10:

How to apply Benefit 10

Uols boleh nampak kan from the pix kat atas? kaler bronze tuh for shading, kasi pipi nampak kurus skit :) .. then kaler pink tuh kasik highlight ur cheekbones. Both bronzer and highlighter nih boleh  jugak uols guna nak kasik nampak ur nose ilusi mancung :D. Tapi part hidung tuh, uols guna la small brush yg mmg utk buat shading kat hidung.

Biler dah apply nih, it's up to u la nak pakai blusher lagi ke idak. Like myself, esp nak pegi office, tak apply blusher dah. Benefit 10 nih dah cukup sebab kalau uols pasan, dah ada kaler light pink kat atas cheekbones kita. Mmg nih antara products yg RedBerry beli and akan pakai selalu. Senang, simple and comeeeeyyy.

Try la ye! *grin*

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... A Bientot!

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