Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Flowers - PART I

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Masa RedBerry dok godek2 internet, RedBerry terjumpa satu article yg sgt menarik! RedBerry rasa elok jugak share ngan uols kan? Something yg interesting and kalau suka, kita try la practise :P

It's about anniversary gift ideas which relates to different type of fragrant fresh flowers. Rupanye, every year kita celebrate wedding anniversary, takde la bosan jer, asyik dapat roses jer kan? hehehe... Uols tau tak? Different type of fresh flowers expressing different heartfelt emotions.

There are 20 flowers in total. RedBerry akan letak dlm a few entries. In this entry, kita tgk apa wedding anniversary flowers for the first 5 years anniversaries. Jom kita tgk!


1st Anniversary:
From the red carnation that symbolises admiration to the white that represents pure and innocent love or the pink bloom that says - "I'll never forget u" - The carnation with its long lasting qualities and clove-like delicate fragrance, embodies joy and commitment promised for years to come.

Lily of the Valley

2nd Anniversary:
Signifying happiness and purity of heart, lilies of the valley have long been associated with humility and devotion. Legend has it that a nightingale's affection for this beautiful flower was so strong that it wouldn't return to the woods until the flower bloomed in spring!


3rd Anniversary:
It is said that a gift of sunflowers signifies a "devout admirer". Representing strength, warmth and nourishment - all attributes of the sun itself - the way in which a sunflower turns to follow the sun symbolises deep loyalty and constancy.


4th Anniversary:
With lush globes filled with a delicate lace of small petals, the Hydrangea symbolises both gratefulness and pride - celebrating heartfelt praise and appreciation.


5th Anniversary:
While the well-known legend carried over from Victorian times has it that maidens would pluck a daisy's petals one by one to predict their romantic future, daisies are also known to indicate innocence, purity and gentleness on behalf of both the giver and recipient, declaring, "YOU HAVE AS MANY VIRTUES AS THIS FLOWER HAS PETALS".

In my next entry, i will continue with anniversary flowers for 6th to 10th wedding anniversary. See ya!

Till then... a bientot!


mzhany said...

waaa mcm tu ke berry, hany tak tahu lak ada jenis2 nya nih...;)

RedBerry said...

Hany, nanti Hany boleh la mintak Lily of the Valley from MZ! Next year ek? Dah la Bunga tuh comeeeyyy mcm Bell... kan? *grin*