Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Flowers - PART II

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In my previous entry, i have shared with u the wedding anniversary flowers for the 1st to 5th anniversary. So in this entry, RedBerry akan continue with the 6th to 10th anniversary flowers. RedBerry rasa most of my readers dlm catagories ni kan? Ye la sumer kahwin awal apa :) Jom kita tgk!


6th Anniversary:
The Calla with its trumpet-shaped blooms and graceful, slender profile, is a symbol of transition and growth, reflecting the beauty and pride grained from shared wisdom over time.


7th Anniversary:
A symbol of trust and fidelity, Freesia is an antidote to the proverbial saying that the 7th year of marriage provokes restlessness. Representing faithfulness through the seasons, it is a traditional reminder of love's honorable character.


8th Anniversary:
With their heart-shaped, deep green leaves and irresistibly fragrant blooms, lilacs have been treasured for generations. Reminiscent of springtime and young love, they symbolise and recall love's first emotions.

Bird of Paradise

9th Anniversary:
Resembling one of the most striking, exotic birds in the world, birds of paradise, with large orange and blue blossoms, symbolise magnificence and splendor - celebrating romance's unexpected side.


10th Anniversary:
In nature as in romance the daffodil reminds us of renewal and simple pleasures. Possessing a fresh, sweet fragrance, this joyful bloom symbolises singular love and chivalry.

Uols skang dah tahu la kan what are wedding anniversary flowers for 6th to 10th years :) Ada tu termenung jugak la tgk, camna nak dapat bunga2 nih. Nih sumer kat obersea ada ler *nanges*

I will continue with 11th to 15th anniversary flowers in my next entry :)

Till then... a bientot!

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