Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ahlinya Teh

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Anyone care for some tea? *grin*

Teh Botol Sosro

Uols pernah minum Teh Botol Sosro tak? Yes, the product is from Indonesia, and mmg terkenal sesgt kat Indonesia. In fact, dia punye tagline pun - Teh Botol Sosro, Ahlinya Teh! Ahlinya teh maknanye... Pakar teh. Tapi mmg sesuai la ngan nama tuh. RedBerry mmg suka. Hehehe. Rasanye kat Malaysia pun ada, kalau tak silap kalau uols pegi makan Nasi Padang kat Sari Ratu semua tuh, ada jual.

Anyway, 1st time RedBerry minum Teh Botol Sosro ni masa honeymoon kat Bali. Tak tahu la apa yg unique pasal this tea. Actually teh biasa jer. But i dunno.. there's something abt this product. Could be becoz of it's in a bottle? Ermm.. could be... tapi taste dia pun sedap. Kalau makan nasi padang... lepas tuh pekena Teh Botol Sosro.. pergghh... complete, beb! Complete! Hahahhaa...

Actually Teh Botol Sosro ni ada sejarah nye.

Teh Sosro ni merupakan pioneer for ready-to-drink tea di Indonesia. Nama SOSRO tu actually from its founder's name - Sosrodjojo. Teh Sosro ni bermula pada tahun 1940an lagi. It started kat pekan kecil, Slawi, Jawa Tengah. Masa ni they all jual teh kering dgn brand Teh Cap Botol. Mmg famous sesgt kat Jawa Tengah. Since dah glamour sesgt, they all pun expand la business kat Jakarta pulak. Business makin maju, so pada tahun 1969, they all expand lagi business tapi kali ni, they all buat ready-to-drink tea dlm botol. So jadi lah, Teh Botol. Tahun 1974, they all incorporated PT Sinar Sosro. Lepas tuh mmg famous sesgt Teh Botol Sosro ni.

Satu lagi yg interesting nye pasal Teh Botol Sosro ni, rupanye nak jadi botol mcm sekarang ni, ada 3 kali trial. Tiga kali tukar design botol and branding. Semua ni RedBerry baca dlm website Teh Botol Sosro :D. Jom RedBerry share ngan uols:

1st Version:
Kalau uols tgk brand - Teh Cap Botol Soft Drink Sosrodjojo. Kaler putih and biru.

2nd Version:
Second version nih, they all still guna botol yg sama.. i mean shape yg sama, tapi wording tuh dah tukar kaler orange and white. Pulak tuh branding nama - Teh Cap Botol - Cap tuh tulis kecik jer kat bawah words TehBotol. So org akan nampak TEHBOTOL jer. Then Sosrodjojo dipendekkan jadi SOSRO jer, and ditulis dlm bulatan kaler merah.

3rd Version:
Latest version and sampai sekarang kita guna ni, diubah lagi. This time they all tukar shape botol tuh nampak lagi modern la..hehehe.. sekarang nampak terang2 brand - Teh Botol.. and SOSRO dlm bulatan merah. Since then, mmg dikenali sebagai TEH BOTOL SOSRO.

 Hebat kan? I guess that y RedBerry suka minum kot... ada sejarah yg unik. Kalau uols nak baca sejarah nye yg panjang lebar, masuk sni:

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Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... a bientot! Let's have a tea!

Alamak! Dah tukar ke?

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Thanks to H A N S coz shared with me the latest news about the zodiac signs. Since we were born, we always knew that the Babylonian zodiacs consists of 12 signs - Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpion AND Sagitarius. rite?

Tapi kan uols, skang sudah tukar lah. But dunno la it's official ke belum, but based on what i read.. of coz la from, starting this year la, the scientists discover pasal nih. Kononnya, the star constellations had change due to a wobble in the earth's axis! So timbul la the 13th sign - Ophiuchus or better known as SERPENT HOLDER.

Berbelit nak sebut kan? Cara nak sebut nye Ophiuchus = off-ee-YOO-cuss. It represents a man wrestling a serpent (ular).


RedBerry dok tgk2 and baca tadi, so jom kita tgk the personality traits under this sign - courtesy of

An Interpreter of dreams, who attracts good luck and fruitful blessings. Holds lofty ideals and is a seeker of peace and harmony. Inventive in nature, with expanding qualities. will often seek higher education and wisdom and can end up as an overseer, or supervisor of work. Can rise to fame – either grand, or completely misunderstood. Tends to enjoy longevity and has aspirations of healing the ills of man.

Will reach for the stars, figuratively and literally. For many a large family is indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young. The number twelve holds great significance. Has foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times. Has secret enemies in family or close associations, with many jealous of this subject.

Often thought of as apple of father’s eye when young. High position in life expected [depending on aspects]. Highest fame and legend often does not come until after death. In general can be wise, even a genius mentality. Likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors, and plaids in particular and often receives the favor of those in authority.

Wah, hebat jugak Ophiuchus kan? :D

So camna? sudah tukar ke? Uwaaaa... tak suka la camni. Anyway, RedBerry still ngaku i am a proud Virgo ok.. taknak ngaku bintang lain.. kejis tak? hahhahahaa... Jom kita tgk the new zodiac dates (ikut susunan):

Capricorn: Jan 20th - Feb 16th.

Aquarius: Feb 16th - March 11th.

Pisces: March 11th - April 18th.

Aries: April 18th - May 13th.

Taurus: May 13th - June 21st.

Gemini: June 21st - July 20th.

Cancer: July 20th - Aug 10th.

Leo: Aug 10th - Sept 16th. <<<---------------- now 25th August falls under LEO??? OMG!! Takleh terima kenyataan nih.

Virgo: Sept 16th - Oct 30th.

Libra: Oct 30th - Nov 23rd.

Scorpio: Nov 23rd - Nov 29th.

Ophiuchus: Nov 29th - Dec 17th.

Sagittarius: Dec 17th - Jan 20th.

Believe it or not... terserah! uwaaaaaaaaa tapi i tetap nak jadi VIRGO.. i am a true virgo!! hahahhaa emo terlebey sudah :P

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot!

Raja Jatuh Cinta... oh!! RedBerry Jatuh Cinta!!!

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My dearest readers... i am FALLING in LOVE!!!... with.... THIS SONG!!! hahhaa.. RAJA JATUH CINTA.

Kalau uols tgh in mute mode skang.. bukak speaker. Dgr lagu yg RedBerry letak kat page nih. Ni lagu tuh, yg menjadi siulan RedBerry skang.. hahhaa.. waaahh ayat takleh blah kan? kahkahkah...

Perhaps most of you dah lama discover about this song kan? RedBerry baru jer dengar this morning. First time dgr dia punye tempo tuh, dah jatuh cinta... ni kira REDBERRY sedang jatuh cinta kepada lagu ini :P

This song is performed by Numata, an indonesian band consists of 3 siblings - Tantra, Mhala and Inu. They are actually anak kepada penyanyi 70an, Tetty Kadi. This band was formed in July 2002 lagi, uols! Dah lama rupanye.. hahaa.. RedBerry jer yg tak tahu. Anyway, lagu Raja Jatuh Cinta ni dari album kedua and merupakan single yg paling hits! No wonder la, baru jer dgr dah jatuh cinta gitiewwww. Ohh.. now RedBerry baru tahu... Numata la yg cipta lagu Lelaki Ini, Ketulusan Hati and Kau Bunga Cintaku - Lagu2 Anuar Zain!! Ohh god!! Dah la RedBerry pun minat Anuar Zain.. no wonder lagu best. Ok la, minat Numata lah.. hahhaha (boleh tak camtuh?) :D


Lagu ni senang nak nyanyi, esp for those yg macam RedBerry (suka nyanyi dlm shower!! hahhaa). Seriously, lagu ni mmg senang nak nyanyi. Takyah nak guna suara Dato' CT, takyah nak tarik2 susah2 mcm Celine Dion. Lagu dia relaks jer. I love this song, ladies. Dia punye tempo pun mmg relaks jer, rancak skit, tapi senang nak follow la. Lirik pun senang nak hafal. Jom kita nyanyi lagi nih sesama!

*courtesy of


ku tak bisa berhenti
untuk mencarimu
walau kini yang ada
kamu tak mau

ku tak bisa berhenti
untuk mencintaimu
jangan tanyakan mengapa
karna ku tak tahu

seribu wanita menggoda
hanya kamu yang jadi ratu hatiku
seribu kali kau hancurkan
masih ada banyak waktu memaksamu

huuu, huuuu, raja sedang jatuh cinta kepadamu
huuu, huuuu, raja sedang jatuh cinta kepadamu

ku tak bisa berhenti
untuk memujamu
dan aku takkan menyerah
oh hanya kamu

ku tak bisa berhenti
untuk mengagumi
jangan sia-siakan aku
ku ingin kamu

repeat reff


Ok la. See you in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot! Sampai jumpa!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh! Really?

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Gong Xi Fa Chai! In this entry, i am not gonna write abt Chinese New Year, Angpau, Moon Cake or anything like that. But i just wanna share with u something abt the zodiac.. yes, it is Chinese zodiac to be exact. Yeaahh... RedBerry tahu, kalau google jer berlambak pasal ni kan? Boleh baca merata. But still, i wanna write it in my blog, it's just for my own reference, ladies.. and of coz la, takyah la susah2 uols nak google tempat lain kan.. baca kat sni jer.. and share with me abt ur thoughts. Wokey? *grin*

Masa zaman2 muda remaja, RedBerry mmg suka sgt pasal zodiac. Not so much of chinese zodiac, tapi yg biasa punye tuh ie. Virgo, Sagitarius etc. In fact dulu kalau mula2 nak kenal org, i would study that person. Bukan la belek telinga ke apa, tapi observe dia, and try la relate ngan zodiac yg ada. Kdg2 tu saja main teka jer, kalau kena tuh.. kena la.. ada jugak yg salah. Ye la, characters yg kita baca tuh yg standard punye but when it comes to the real person, kita kena amik kira pukul baper dia lahir, her/his birthdate etc. *grin*

Tak kisah la, beb. Tu semua saja suka2. Bukan nak caya sgt pun kan? So in this entry, sempena menyambut tahun baru cina ni.. why not kita usha2 pasal chinese zodiac pulak. Interesting ni tau!

Chinese zodiac consists of 12 signs. Kalau yg biasa tuh, ikut month kan? Kalau chinese zodiac pulak kita 12 tahun putaran. 12 signs / animals represents chinese 12 year-cycle. Jom kita tgk turutan signs ni ye:


It starts with RAT and ends with PIG. Biler dah habes tuh, the next cycle start sekali lagi. Camtuh la dah beratus tahun. Sapa yg lahir tahun tertentu, dia punye characters pun mcm terikut2 ngan animal sign tuh. Ermm.. kalau yg RedBerry baca, ada yg betul.. tapi ada jugak tak betul. Mayb jugak character kita ni pun terpengaruh ngan zodiac biasa tuh kan. Eventho tahun tikus, tak semestinye ur character semua sama ngan org lain yg tahun tikus gak kan? Payah camtuh.. tak unique. So kalau tahun tikus, lahir as a Virgo.. mesti different la yg lahir bulan Capricorn? Hehhee.. melalut dah i.

ANYWAY!! uols mesti tak sabar nak tgk tahun masing2 ke? RedBerry amik from Mr Google. Jom!

1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

They are noted for their charm and attraction for the opposite sex.
They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists.
They are basically thrifty with money.
They are easily angered and love to gossip.
Their ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful.

1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

My dearest baby sayang, Mr RedBerry was born in the year of the OX. So jom kita tgk:

They are patient, speak little and inspire confidence in others - SPEAK LITTLE.. so true. So mmg compatible ngan  RedBerry yg byk cakap :P
However, they tend to be eccentric and bigoted, and anger easily - errmm.. sometimes.. yeahhh..
They have fierce tempers - when they do, they are quite eloquent - Ohh yeaaahh.. this is so true!! I came across a few times.. scary.. dun mess up with him, people!
They are mentally and physically alert - bulleyes!! Betul sesgt!
Generally easy-going, they can be remarkably stubborn, and they hate to fail - eh! Betul jugak... waahh.. he's really an OX man.

1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

They are sensitive, given deep thinking and capable of sympathy.
They can extremely short-tempered.
Other people have great respect for them, but sometimes tiger people come with conflict with older people or those in authority.
Sometimes they cannot make up their minds.
They are suspicious of others, but they are courages and powerful

1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Wahhh.. tahun ni kan tahun rabbit kan? So jom la kita tgk org 'rabbit' ni camna *grin*

They are articulate, talented and ambitious
They are virtuous, reserved and have excellent taste
They are admired, trusted and are often financially lucky
They are fond of gossip!! but tactful and generally kind
Rabbit people seldom lose temper
They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract

1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

They are healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered and stubborn
They are honest, sensitive, brave and inspire confidence and trust
They are the most eccentric of any in the eastern zodiac
They neither borrow money nor make flowery speeches, but they tend to be soft-hearted which sometimes give others an advantage over them

1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

They are deep, say little and possess great wisdom
They never have worry about money, they are financially fortune
Snake people are often quite vain, selfish and a bit stingy!!!
Yet.. they have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate.
They tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people's judgement and prefer to rely on themselves
They are determined in whatever they do and hate to fail
Although calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate
They are usually GOOD-LOOKING and sometimes have marital problems because they are fickle. 

1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

Lalalalalalalala.... Naper RedBerry letak gambar for the year of Horse? Teeheeee.. coz it is mine. Hahhahaa.. Yes, i was born in the year of the horse! Hehehehe.. jom kita tgk ciri-ciri nye *wink*

People born in the year of the horse are POPULAR - errmmm this one tak sure betul ke idak.. dun think i am the type yg popular kalau pegi mana2.. anyway... Hehehe

They are cheerful, skillful with money and perceptive, although they sometimes TALK TOO MUCH!! - OMG!! i must admit that... sometimes.. i DO talk too much!!! esp with my dearest husband, love u, baby :D

They are wise, talented, good with their hands and sometimes have a weakness for members of the opposite sex - erkk.... good with my hands.. ermmmm

They are impatient, and hot-blooded about everything except their daily work - SO TRUE!!

They like entertainment and large crowds - the first part is true. I LOVE entertainment... but large crowds?? Ermm i dun think so.

They are very independent and rarely listen to advice - teehheeeee.. what can i say? hahaha

1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

They are elegant and highly accomplished in the arts
They seem to be, at the first glance, better off then those born in the zodiac's other years
They are often SHY, pessimistic and puzzled about life
They are usually deeply religious, yet timid by nature
Sometimes clumsy in speech, they always passionate about what they do and what they believe in
Ram people never have to worry about having the best in life for their abilities make money for them
They are able to enjoy the creature comforts that they like
They are gentle, wise and compassionate

1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

They are erratic geniuses of the cycle
They are clever, skilful and flexible
They are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease
Although they are good at making decision, but they tend to look down on others
They have excellent memories
Monkey people are strong willed but their anger cools quickly

1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

They are deep thinker, capable and talented
They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities
They are deeply disappointed if they fail
They are often a bot eccentric and have rather difficult relationship with others
They always think they are right, and usually they are!
They can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave.

1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

They possess the best traits of human nature
They have a deep sense of loyalty, honest and inspire other people's confidence becoz they know how to keep secrets
They are selfish, terribly stubborn and eccentric
They care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money
They can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties
They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues
They make good leaders

1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

They are chivalrous and gallant
Whatever they do, they do with their strength
For them, there is no left or right and there is no retreat
They have tremendeous fortitude and great honesty
They don't make many friends but they make them for life
Anyone has a Boar year friend, is fortunate for they are extremely loyal!
They don't talk much
They are quick tempered, yet they hate arguments and quarreling
They are kind to their loved ones

So how? Ada tak sama skit ngan uols? Ke mmg tak sama langsung? Well, kalau tak kena tuh, could be coz of ur date, month of birth or something like that.

Just for fun! Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... stay human! A bientot!

Sombongnya... taukey ke?

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Uols suka shopping tak?

Mesti suka kan? Kata dah nama pun pompuan. Kalau time sales tuh, rambang mata. Kan? Hahahhaa... Esp pulak kalau MEMBER SALES, bersusun la queue kat mana2. Pantang nampak 70% sales for member, yang takde membership card, sanggup bratur panjang semata2 nak buat card. Kan? Betul ke idak? Hahhaa.. Ni semua my own experience lah. Dulu takde card isetan, sanggup bratur buat card. Dulu takde card Parkson, sanggup jer beratur panjang, semata nak buat card. Hahaha.. pompuan la katakan. :D Pantang nampak "SALES"... pantang nampak sign 50% or 70%. Mata dah melilau. Naik hantu nak shopping! Hahhaa... yg tu tak pernah nak bertobat :P

Anyway, my dearest readers, RedBerry bukan citer pasal nak shopping ke apa. Well, it's something to do with shopping jugak actually, but it's more to the attitude of salespersons. RedBerry rasa most of us ada experience nih. Sapa yg tak pernah tuh, it's either mmg u tak pernah masuk kedai2 seumpamanya, or mmg uols ni mmg org kaya, stylish and everything lah.

Kalau uols mcm RedBerry, mesti pernah melalui nye. Kalau tak byk kali pun, at least sekali in ur lifetime lah. RedBerry and Mr RedBerry pernah masuk satu kedai.. it's a luxury brand of kedai lah. Masa tu, we all pakai biasa jer.. casual  - RedBerry pakai t-shirt, jeans, sandals and makeup light sesgt; Mr RedBerry pulak pakai t-shirt, shorts and slippers. So uols boleh bayangkan lah, mcm nak pegi shopping biasa2 ni la. Sekali biler masuk kedai tuh, we all buat cam biasa la, tgk apa yg kat dlm tuh, belek sana sni. Ye lah, mana tahu, kot2 ada sales, and mampu nak beli. Pulak tuh time tu, mmg nak masuk and compare price. Mana satu lagi murah, obersea ke KL. Saja la. Usha2 org kata.

Tapi uols boleh tgk their SA (sales assistant) pandang semacam, muka ketat mcm dlm gambar tuh. RedBerry rasa dlm kepala dok pk kot, "isshh, dorang ni nak beli ke apa? Ni mesti saja jer nak masuk, sentuh2 barang2 mahal nih. Selekehnye, mampu ke dorang nak beli nie?" ... RedBerry rasa la. Mayb jugak dia tak pk apa2 kan? But we are human too kan? So kita boleh agak lah. Body language dont lie. Nak jer tanye, "this is ur kedai meh? or u just a coolie?" Tapi tak sampai hati, coz kalau tgk muka they all pun dah tahu... the kedai is not theirs. :P

Tapi biasanye kalau kena camtuh, Mr RedBerry terus cakap kuat2 kat RedBerry, "mentang2 lah I pakai shorts, selipar buruk, baju buruk, depa ni tak layan.. isshh ishhh.. sampai hati". Kahkahkah... Mr RedBerry mmg selalu direct jer kalau nak cakap. Love u, sayang! Kalau ada yg SA yg SEDAR DIRI... yg dia tu bukan taukey, trus dtg and senyum, and cakap, "eh takde la.. "... tapi jgn tak tahu, ada jugak yg buat kering.. ermm yg tu i guess mmg kedai tuh nenek dia punye. Dun play play!! *grin*

Biler dah lama tak visit the same kedai, and kdg2 the SAs pun dah tukar2 org, we all pegi lagi. Saja nak tgk. This time round, we all pakai baju elok2 - RedBerry pakai dress, high heels, and bawak handbag yg elok skit, and makeup over skit; Mr RedBerry pulak pakai shirt, pants and shoes. So now uols boleh bayangkan, image tuh lain skit dr yg first scenario tadi kan? *grin*

We went to the same kedai, SAs pun dah lain. But this time, they greeted us properly with big smile! Waaaahhh... i am confused wooooooorrrr... it's either becoz image sudaaahh tukarrr... or mmg sebab SAs yg baru nih mmg peramah :P Ermm... nampak kan? Image mmg memainkan peranan penting. Eventho duit dlm purse tuh ada singgit, takpe, janji uols nampak ala DIVA.... super da bomb! mesti they all layan mcm DIVA.. biarpun uols keluar kedai tangan kosong :D

RedBerry bukan apa. Sedih la ngan SAs camnie. Patutnye they all takleh la treat people differently kan. We never know yg masuk tuh could be the serious buyers.. i mean nampak selekeh mcm mana pun, entah2 beli 10 item / kotak... REZEKI tuh, beb! Tak pasal2 komisen hari tuh byk. Kalau tak layan camtuh, customer lari... tak pasal2 komisen ilang daaa. Rugi. Betul la org kata senyum itu sedekah. Kalau kita buat baik, treat org baik, we never know rezeki dtg kat kita melimpah ruah.

RedBerry buat entry ni bukan nye ada case apa yg buat hangin satu badan pun. At least kita customer ni pun dha tahu la trick camna nak org layan kan? Hahaha.... but... to all SAs, jgn la treat people differently. It's not ur kedai anyway. Yg kaya taukey jugak, bukan u. Errkk... masalahnye, kalau taukey, takde la pulak sombong.... coz dia tahu, kalau sombong, kedai tak laku, untung tarak.. kedai boleh lingkup. Apa2 jer la.. janji ku bahagia! :D
Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot! Have a pleasant day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your nose looks...... thinner!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

RedBerry bukan la pandai sgt pasal contouring ye, ladies. Tapi coz ada special request from my laling MZHANY, so why not RedBerry share jer la on how i do my nose contouring ye. Cara org lain tu lain la... Ni version RedBerry selalu buat. It definitely aint perfect but the basics of nose contouring is there.

For those yg mmg dah expert, boleh la share with me kat sni ye. Nanti comment. But make sure it's constructive comments, so that RedBerry boleh improve next time.

Kalau uols tgk gambar kat atas ni kan, basically it indicates kat mana yg nak kasik nampak gelap, part mana nak kasik kena highlight. So part nose tuh, uols boleh nampak kan? Kalau nak kasik adjust skit2, kasik nampak mancung or kecik ke, uols kena draw lines kat batang hidung ler. Part cheeks and forehead ke, RedBerry tak citer la kan sni ek? Tuh next time. In this entry, RedBerry akan share cara2 nak memancungkan hidung... *grin*

Before i begin, mesti ada jugak yg tertanye2, apsal la nak susah2 buat contouring nih kan? Actually, contouring is also called "shading" or "Shadowing". So that kita boleh la nampak effect mancung ke, nampak hidung yg kembang jadi kecik ke, hidung yg kecik jadi panjang and besar skit ke. Tu semua depends on how u draw / contour ur nose. Biler uols dah decide nak effect camna, baru la uols boleh tahu nak letak powder kat mana, nak highlight kat mana, nak blend ke arah mana etc.

For those yg memiliki hidung mancung, takyah dah susah2 nak buat shading nih. Tapi jgn terkejut, ada gak mancung, nak kasik effect hidung kecik and comel. Takyah plastic surgery.. ngeri jer! Guna teknik shading dah :P

Jom kita tgk BASIC steps yg uols kena buat:

RedBerry biasanye akan set muka dulu ngan Primer / Foundation / Powder. Part hidung nih, RedBerry biasanye buat last sekali - after eyeshadow but before i put the blusher. Dun know why, tapi that's how i did it and i prefer that way :D

In my previous entry, RedBerry ada citer pasal BENEFIT 10, rite? Ingat tak? If tak ingat, click here. RedBerry guna BENEFIT 10 ni nak buat shading kat muka and hidung. Kalau kat muka senang jer, guna brush yg mmg ada dlm box tuh, tapi for nose, RedBerry guna a small blend brush. Kalau uols takde and malas nak beli yg scuplting powder tuh, uols boleh guna eyeshadow kaler brown or foundation. Tapi make sure uols amik kaler yg 2 shades darker than your original shade.

Uols buat two lines - each side of the nose bridge. Kalau uols nak effect slimmer and taller - uols start from the eyebrows, down to the sides of the nostril. Kalau uols just nak nampak mancung skit jer, uols start from tgh2 hidung (paras bawah mata), down to the sides of the nostril. (paham tak? ke lagi confuse? hahahhaa)

With the same brush, blend outwards (towards ur eyes and cheeks). Blend so that dah tak nampak lines yg uols buat tadi. Taknak la nampak lines kan, nanti jadi hidung belang. So biler dah blend elok2, baru la tulang hidung nampak timbul and natural.

Uols amik another small blend brush or flat brush, apply a lighter shade highlighting powder. Normally, uols amik la 2 shades lighter than ur original shades. Apply thin line kat tengah2 batang hidung, starting between ur eyebrows all the way down to the tip of ur nose.

Senang jer nak ingat - tepi tulang hidung: 2 shades darker; kat tengah2 hidung: 2 shades lighter (than ur original shade)

why 2 shades lighter kat tengah2 hidung? Kalau kita amik gambar ke apa, biasanye the light always hit the bridge of ur nose area first. So that's y we apply a ligher shade of highlighting. Tu baru nampak mancung and hidung nampak "taller". :D

Ok. Skang step back. Tgk kat mirror betul2. Kalau still nampak beza sgt between darker and lighter shades, uols blend, make the lines tak nampak sgt. Tapi kalau uols nak kasik nampak gelap lagi kat tepi hidung tuh, uols letak la lebih skit darker kaler kat situ. But apa2 pun, mesti ingat BLEND. ok? *grin*

Finally, set with ur powder, so that nampak lagi kemas and cantek!

Apa2 pun, uols mesti Practise, Practise, Practise... remember, Practise make perfect!!! Even makeup artist pun ramai yg tak pandai buat perfect face/nose contouring. That's y ada jugak kalau kita pegi majlis kahwin, kita tgk pengantin tu hidung belang! It's either blend tuh tak proper, or kaler yg dia guna tuh tak kena. :D

So macam mana? Hope this helps. Kalau nak perfect lagi, tanye pakar la ye or tgk youtube. Byk yg ajar cara nak shading nih. Mesti rajin!

p/s: RedBerry lum letak gambar lagi, coz dua tiga hari ni, RedBerry tak makeup sgt. Just lipsticks and bedak jer. So nanti RedBerry amik gambar, i will update this entry with the photos ok? :D

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot! Happy contouring!

Vrromm! Vrommm!!!!!!!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Sejak ada Ninja nih... mmg start minat kat big bike. Kalau pegi KLCC, mesti masuk Harley Davidson, saja berangan nak naik HD and beli leather jacket HD. Last Friday, pegi usha ngan Mr RedBerry. Saja la nak tgk2, jacket baper harga nye. Ada satu leather jacket nih, kaler dia ligh brown, cantik! Belakang dia ada printed Harley Davidson. Mmg dah boleh imagine diri sendiri pakai. Kata nak tgk the PRICE kan. Tup tup... RedBerry sengih jer la kat Mr RedBerry. Yup, i know. Kalau dah masuk kedai HD, singlet yg simple pun berpuluh / beratus. Ni kan pulak leather jacket kan? Sekali tgk.. RM2,450... gulp!! Telan ayaq liuq jer la. Lagi mahal pada handbag. Ishhh takpe la.. rela beli handbag and kasut lagi :D

Last friday naik Ninja pegi keje. So saja nak amik gambar ngan Ninja b4 pegi keje. Taadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Me and Ninja

Sempat posing before nak pegi keje, ladies :D

 Ready to go, Baby!

Masa nih dah nak ready me-REMP IT!!!!

Thia evening, we had dinner kat Paparich kat area USJ. Sekali nampak ini!!!


Me and Harley

Hahhahaa... layan jer la ye. We all jer yg lebey2 dok posing ngan Harley nih. Ada 4 buah kat situ. Posing jgn tak posing, beb! Kalau ada duit la kan... who knows in the future... insyaAllah, kena dapat satu. Saja... hobby!!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry! Have a GREAT weekend, uols!

Till then... a bientot! XOXO

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bukan Diriku

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Mula2 RedBerry taknak tulis kat blog nih. Tapi i just can't help it. I am totally addicted to it. It aint makeup crazy.. nope. It's a SINETRON! Aduihh... entah camna boleh terjebak ngan citer nih. Gue emang suka banget nonton BUKAN DIRIKU! Hahhaa.. i know.. i know.. dah byk Sinetron Indonesia kat Malaysia ni kan. Tapi tak tahu la camna boleh terlekat ngan citer ni. Kalo kamu suka banget ama sinetron, kamu pasti nonton Bukan Diriku. :D

 Baim Wong, Bertran Antolin dan Dwi Ariyanti

Rupanye citer ni dulu dah ada kat NTV7 ke apa. Tapi skang ulangan kat ASTRO RIA. Kalau on Saturday kan ada marathon from 10am to 2pm camtuh. So kalau missed yg weekdays (for sure!), mmg boleh tgk la on Saturday. RedBerry baru discovered wokey. Boleh tak? Ok ok.. citer nih takde la superb mana. Tapi i dunno, mayb jalan citer santai, takde la berat sgt nak pk, kisah cinta, tapi takde la cinta yg meleleh sgt. Citer jugak ada sedih nye. Ada jugak sampai nanges sorang2. Ohh yess...believe it or not, biler tang sedih tuh sedih. Tapi citer ni ada lawak and cute nye. Tu yg RedBerry suka. Kenapa cute? sebab of this guy!!

Baim Wong

Baim Wong! Yes, Baim Wong! aduih mamat nih.. dlm tuh mmg la takde hensem sgt kalau nak compare ngan Bertran Antolin kan? Tapi .. kalau uols tgk dia berlakon sebagai Ryo atau Loki.. kamu bisa jatuh cinta! *LOL* Again, apa yg pelik nye, his voice takde la macho ke apa.. in fact masa dia nyanyi, mmg sengau habes, uols! Hahaahhaa.. but still.. he's cute! RedBerry paling suka biler dia panggey AYLA.. nama cewek dia dlm citer nih. errmm... Loki.. loki...

There's no doubt la the actress, Dwi Ariyanti as Ayla, mmg cantik. She's got her natural beauty. Suka tgk makeup dia.. heheh *wink* Tu yg biasa RedBerry usha kalau tgk indonesian actress ni. Makeup cantik. Actually, RedBerry tak kenal sorang pun pelakon2 ni. Tak pernah tgk they all ni berlakon. Sekali RedBerry try la to find out pasal Baim Wong and Dwi nih... Rupanye dah byk citer yg they all berlakon dan ditayangkan kat Malaysia ni. Cuma.. RedBerry tak tgk :D

Satu lagi, RedBerry suka citer ni coz of its theme song - Bukan Diriku from Samson. Sesuai jer ngan citer nih... *grin*

So layan jer la, my addiction skang nih. Nasib citer ni bukan 100 or 200 episodes, wokey!! It's only 25 episodes. Fuhhhh... tapi.. wait!!! Kalau Baim Wong berlakon dlm citer lain... so how? Dgr ada citer baru Kejora dan Bintang, kan? and it's 72 episodes... WHAT????  hahahhaa ... lepas nih sah! RedBerry bisa omong indonesia! hehehe..

Jom tgk skit pasal citer ni, RedBerry amik from youtube... tgk LOKI ye... :D

Ok la. See ya in my next entry.

Till then.. a bientot!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Uols!! Waahhh new year mcm2. Agak bz la jugak kan? Pasal keje lagi la mcm2. Masih belum terlambat RedBerry nak wish Happy New Year kan? Semoga 2011 membawa rezeki yg berlimpat kali ganda for us. Anyway... byk nye RedBerry nak citer ngan uols. This entry, RedBerry citer pasal remp-it dulu la ye *grin*

Uols ingat tak entry pasal big bike dulu. Kalau dah lupa please click here. On Wednesday, 5 Jan 2011, our Ninja 650 aka ERF dah sampai ke rumah!!!! Superb!!

Kawasaki Ninja 650 aka ERF

RedBerry panggey Ninja la senang ok? Malam baru dapat motor tu, trus ronda2 kat area umah, keluar dinner naik Ninja. Ohhhhh trasa 10 years younger uols!!!!!! Hahahaha... :D Apa org kata.. ala2 Awie and Erra zaman they all bercintan. My fren panggey Mr and Mrs RedBerry as Awien and Erot. :P Ok tak, uols? Hahahhaha.. aduihhh dok tergelak sakan.

First time naik Ninja tau keje on Friday the week dapat motor tuh la :D Trasa laju semacam. For ur info, RedBerry pernah naik kapcai jer. NAIK wokey.. bukan BAWAK. Lesen tak pernah ada. Tu pun masa bercuti kat Phuket arie tuh (Oct 2009). Mr RedBerry masa tuh pun bawak pun takde la laju sgt. Tapi dat day, merasa la kat MEX hiway tu kan. Paling laju Mr RedBerry bawak, 110 km/h! Uols boleh imagine tak, i yg petite ini, naik motor yg laju. Trasa nak terbang ke belakang!!! Hahaha.. Nasib RedBerry pakai full face helmet yg BERAT (in fact trasa lagi besar dr my body) and bawak laptop pun yg BERAT. so that badan pun BERAT la atas motor tuh. Aduihh, wat an experience lah. Lama2 mesti dah ok. Kata baru lagi, beb. Jakun semacam la. :P

This week kira baru 3rd time naik la... best sesgt. Sampai skang kalau naik ninja tersengih... Jakun tak habes weeyyy.. hahahaa.. layan jer la, uols...............

Ok la. See ya in my next entry, lalings! Vrrooommmmmm VVVrrroommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

Till then.. a bientot!

Makeup practice #4 - Dinner makeup

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Yellow, uols!!! Lama nye RedBerry tak jenguk blog sendiri. Hahahhaaa... biasa la. Kalau dah letih sgt ngan keje and hal2 yg lain, nak menulis blog nih pun takde mood. Bukan tak winduuuu tau! Windu sesgt... byk bende nak citer and share ngan uols, tapi selalu jer BLANK :D

Anyway, ada a few thing yg RedBerry nak share. Tapi in this entry, RedBerry nak share pasal something yg RedBerry mmg suka sgt..... it's my makeup practice yg RedBerry buat last nite. yeaayyy!!! Actually, it's for my best fren's wedding kat Subang Jaya. Majlis akad nikah dia lah. RedBerry pakai baju biasa jer. Baju kurung moden kaler bluish grey gitiew. So masa nak makeup tu a bit tricky jugak for me coz RedBerry taknak letak kaler grey and blue jer, nanti nampak .. ermm.. entah, mcm tak best jer.  So RedBerry tambah skit la kaler mcm purplish red camtuh la. 

Ok taknak cakap byk, jom kita tgk makeup RedBerry:

Overall makeup

For eyes, RedBerry tak guna primer. Bukan malas ke apa. Tapi takde... kehkehkeh.. actually, kalau nak kasik eyeshadow tuh tahan lama kena la pakai primer. Satu lagi kalau nak eyeshadow tuh nampak lagi menyerlah, guna ler makeup base, or MAC paint pot. Yg ni RedBerry lum beli ye... coz budget tak mengizinkan. Kehkehkeh...

ANYWAY! For the eyes, RedBerry guna eyeshadow MAC star violet for the whole lid, and then RedBerry letak MAC moon's reflection for half of the outer corner and the crease. Lepas tuh RedBerry mixed pulak ngan MAC Contrast for 1/3 of the outer corner. So kasik smokey skit lagi, RedBerry letak skit kaler black eyeshadow. YES, mmg mula2 RedBerry letak2 tuh, nampak cam apa jer. Tapi lepas kita blend elok2... nampak serasi.. ni la hasil nye. For the highlighter, RedBerry cuma ada MAC Phloof.. so guna jer la. :D So uols boleh nampak kaler shining2 skit bawah kening tuh kan? :D

For eyebrows, RedBerry tak letak byk, cuma guna brush for eyebrow tuh, letak skit la kaler dark brown dr tgh sampai ke ujung. RedBerry tak start from ujung ke ujung coz nanti nampak lebat sgt kening tuh. Naturally, mmg dah lebat kan. Nanti nampak super tebal, taknak la.

Ni la hasilnye kalau nak tgk for both eyes. What say u? Lemme know.. uols rasa ok ke camna? Ke RedBerry patut letak camna ek? Well, still practicing, beb... tak gentar sama itu comment2 berapi... hehehee. Comment ye... please :D

For the lips pulak, RedBerry guna MAC Angel (konon2 nak tiru Kim Kardashian) .. hahhahhaa.. gelak2 .. jgn tak gelak. tapi cam pelik la biler apply Angel saja. So RedBerry mixed with MAC Up the Amp.. and sapu skit Lustreglass in Pinkarat (lip gloss).

So kalau uols suka this look.. boleh la tiru ek? Kalau tak suka.. sila beri constructive comment ye :D Merci beaucoup. 

Ok la. See ya in my next entry, lalings!!

Till then... a bientot!.. and stay GORGEOUS!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Uols suka tak kasut? Yes, shoes... esp high heels? Stiletto, pump, wedges, block, tapered... mesti suka kan? RedBerry pun suka! cantik tu mmg la cantik. Tapi kita kena cari yg mmg elok utk dipakai. Bukan saja cantik, tapi comfortable. Kesian la kat kaki kita kan? Kalau yg tinggi, sekali lenguh sana sni. Well pompuan kan, uols.. kalau nak cantik.. sanggup ajer :D

Mr RedBerry takde la kata tak kasik RedBerry nak beli kasut yg tinggi, tapi dia selalu pesan, make sure beli yg betul2 KASUT. Bukan nye sekadar potong kayu.. and wallah! jadi kasut. Mr RedBerry mmg particular skit pasal kasut nih. Beli yg mahal takpe, as long as bende tuh berkualiti, tahan lama and selesa. Mr RedBerry selalu suruh beli Clark or Scholl. Clark RedBerry pernah pakai masa study dulu. Ye lah kat obersea, tak de la trasa mahal sgt kan. Pulak tuh kat sana, mmg asyik berjalan jer. So mmg tak pakai la high heels nih. Mmg selalu cari comfy shoes. Scholl lak, RedBerry tak pernah try. RedBerry selalu trasa Scholl for senior citizen. :D Tapi sebenar nye tak. It's for everybody. Cuma RedBerry tak minat sgt coz takde yg nampak cam trendy skit kan?

Ingat tak post pasal RedBerry terserempak ngan Yuna? Masa tuh kan RedBerry tgh dating ngan Mr RedBerry kat The Curve. Mmg time tu jugak tgh usha kasut. Sekali Mr RedBerry bawak masuk satu kedai kasut nih


Mr RedBerry kata beli kasut kat sni lah. Ni baru nama nye KASUT, bukan yg selalu dok beli kat mana2 tuh. RedBerry sengih jer la. First time masuk kedai Rockport nih uols.... :P Rupanye it's a USA brand and kat The Curve ni, its first concept outlet kat Malaysia. Kalau RedBerry baca2, ada lagi outlet kat Malaysia nih, rasa nye satu lagi kat Queenbay Mall and Bangsar Village. Tapi Redberry tak sure. Mayb uols yg selalu masuk kedai ni boleh share ngan RedBerry.

Redberry pun dgn happy nye masuk la kedai ni. Usha2. Bukan sekadar jeling wokey.. mesti tgk price. Alamak!! Mahal nye.. beratus la jugak. Tapi kalau pk2 balik, ni bukan nye kasut yg biasa2. Kalau beli Clark or Scholl pun kena bayar beratus jugak kan. Apa yg RedBerry suka pasal Rockport, design dia nampak trendy skit la nak compare to Clark or Scholl. Takde la nampak cam org tua :P Ada a few yg RedBerry dah TARGET wokey! Hahahhaa.. gelojoh kan? Hahhahaa.. lum apa2 lagi dah target 2 -3 kasut. RedBerry kata beli satu dulu. So RedBerry pk mmg nak cari kasut keje. So i bought a pair of this one (cuma kaler yg RedBerry beli tu lebey kurang kaler turquoise gitiew):

Rockport Spring Park Denim

Jom kita tgk skit facts pasal kasut yg RedBerry beli:

Designed for easy summer style, the Rockport® Spring Park women's dress shoe features a soft fabric upper and a lightweight tricot lining. adiPRENE®+ and adiPRENE® cushioning technologies combine to provide responsive shock absorption, and a leather sockliner offers dependable moisture management.

  • Fabric upper
  • adidas® adiPRENE®+ and adiPRENE® cushioning technologies
  • Tricot lining
  • Leather sockliner
  • Rubber outsole
  • 70mm heel height

Kalau uols baca pasal ROCKPORT, their principal is plain and simple : WALKABLITY. Apparently, the technology used is adiPRENE by ADIDAS! Ohh no wonder la. So based on my experience yg first time pakai la kan... mmg comfortable, trend pun takde la out-of-date, takde la boring, kaler pun mcm2 jugak, tapi most importantly, mmg kalau pakai ni, TAK MAHU LAGI KASUT YG LAIN!! hahha mcm iklan Pantene kan? hahhahhaa.. but seriously, sekali dah try pakai ni, mmg comfy sgt, and next one, RedBerry dah target a few yg lain. *big grin* Dah mintak izin ngan husband and dia mmg kata OK, NEXT TIME beli Rockport jugak lah :D RedBerry suka!!!!

So apa lagi uols, try la usha2 kat ROCKPORT... and share with me ur thought abt this brand ok?
Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.. a bientot! Look cute and stay comfy... lalings.

SK-II skin analysis

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Last time RedBerry buat skin analysis in June / July 2010. Punye la dah lama kan. That was my first time experience such thing. Masa tuh RedBerry ingat lagi, nak beli bende2 yg dah habes ni. Kebetulan cleanser dah nak habes, toner dah nak habes, essence pun dah nak habes. Semua yg basic dah nak habes la. So lepas keje RedBerry trus ke SK-II counter kat Parkson, KLCC. Before nak beli segala bende tuh, RedBerry tanye la, boleh tak analyse my skin kat situ. Coz tak semua counter ada service tuh tau. Nasib ada. The SA's name was Cecilia. Baik sgt. Polite and very helpful. So berdebar la jugak nak kena analyse nih. So biler dia guna mcm snanner tuh, sekali kita leh nampak kulit kita dr dlm.. eeuuwwwwwww!! sgt nak ngeri!! Boleh nampak lines, pores, even spot kat dlm tuh. Basically, they all akan analyse kita punye kulit dr segi:

Sebum, wrinkle, elasticity, texture, moisture, skin tone, spots and pores. 

Lepas tu, kita boleh tgk result dia kat screen. Sorry, RedBerry tak amik gambar. Camera tak bawak. Tapi RedBerry google, ada gambar screen yg tunjuk result tuh. Lebey kurang camnie la.

Courtesy of

Scan using a Visionscope

Sample results of the analysis

Yg first time RedBerry buat tu, ingatkan mcm2 masalah la. Alhamdulillah, cuma masalah spots and texture. So Cecilia recommended me to use FACIAL TREATMENT UV PROTECTION (SPF25) PA++, utk kurangkan spots and elakkan spot baru coz of UV la. RedBerry ni mmg tak pernah pakai UV protection pun. Now baru tahu betapa penting nye, kalau pakai makeup ke apa yg ada SPF :D.

Satu lagi product for my skin texture yg bermasalah tuh is is FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE aka 'Miracle Water'. Cecilia advised jgn kedekut sgt pakai 'Miracle Water' coz dlm nih ada semua nutrition yg our skin need. Kalau letak atas facial cotton, biar sampai basah betul and pat it on my face byk kali, in fact sampai cotton tuh kering. Dia kata dlm lebey kurang 1 or 2 minutes lah. Ohhh salah sudaaaaa.. selama nye, RedBerry main pat pat pat... habessss.

 After 6 months, RedBerry pegi balik kat counter yg sama. So last Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011, RedBerry pegi la saja nak usha kat counter. Sekali masa tegur SA tuh, rupanye Cecilia. Tapi i cant blame her for not recognise me. Ye la, within 6 months tuh, dah brapa ribu org yg pegi kat counter tuh kan? Hehehe.. So i said to her, that the last time i did the analysis was with her. Then dia checked balik the record, and dia angguk. Tapi RedBerry kata taknak beli apa2, coz budget bulan nih teruk skit and most of the product ada lagi and belum habes. Saja la tried my luck, and tanye dia boleh ke dia buat analysis tuh. Dia kata BOLEH!! Waaahh nasib baik!! So dia terus buat ler. This time RedBerry dah tak jakun. Kehkehkehkeh.. dah tahu camna rupanye kan. Cuma i was hoping masalah spots and texture tuh improving lah.

So the result came out - semua nye ok. Takde problem, cuma ada skit problem kat Sebum and Skin tones. Waaaaaahhh!!! Last time takde problem.. apsal ek? sedih tul la........... sekali cecilia kata Sebum tuh, bukan seluruh muka, tapi kat T-Zone. Dia kata ada kering skit. RedBerry pk balik, mayb coz pegi Shanghai arie tuh kot. Mmg kulit kering giler. Masalah skin tones pun, dia kata mayb coz of my lifestyle. RedBerry cakap la, offlate mmg RedBerry suka minum coffee, makan pun tak byk healthy food, sayur or buah kan.. so dia angguk. It could be the reason. So dia mintak tukar lifestyle la.. uwaaa nak buat camna, saya suka coffee, uols!!! uwaaaaa..

Anyway, Cecelia takde recommend product yg baru, coz bila dia tanye RedBerry mmg dah beli before nih. So for Sebum, Cecelia kata kena control ngan FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE.  Dia suruh pat lebey skit kat dahi, kat hidung and dagu. (Dagu la jarang RedBerry buat lama.. hahaha)

For skin tones pulak, she recommends me to continue to use CELLUMINATION ESSENCE. To be honest, arie tuh RedBerry stop kejap sebab mcm nampak result sgt kan. Kata kasik nampak GLOW.. tapi takde pun RedBerry prasan. Tapi since Cecilia cakap camtuh, RedBerry start pakai balik :D

So malam2 pun RedBerry try la rajinkan diri amalkan pakai FACIAL TREATMENT REPAIR C coz Cecilia kata, masalah my face scars yg tak ilang. Yes, dulu RedBerry ada 'jururawat' yg teruk. Tapi alhamdulillah, lepas my husband (masa tuh tunang) asked me to use SK-II, kulit makin elok. Takde la mcm Dato' Siti Nurhaliza kan? Tapi RedBerry dah cukup happy. Berkat doa dia kot. :D

Nanti kita tgk result after 6 months ni ye, kalau RedBerry rajin nak pegi buat analysis lagi :P

For those yg pakai SK-II jugak, please share with me ur experience ye. And for those yg baru nak berjinak dgn SK-II, boleh la tanye2 kalau mana yg tak sure tuh. Sharing is caring, ladies :D

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... stay gorgeous, ladies!