Monday, November 22, 2010

I am so clueless

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Hey uols :D If we talk abt basic makeup, it ain't all abt eyeshadow, lipsticks, mascara, foundation and all. It also includes what type of brushes that we need to use. Bukannya main amik jer brush mana nak guna. Salah guna brush, makeup pun tak menjadi tau. Ok ok.. i know uols tahu pasal ni kan? But still RedBerry nak share jugak pasal type of brushes. Kat luar sana mcm2 brushes ada. Sampai kita pun naik pening. For professional makeup artists, they all tahu la kan. For eye makeup pun dah bersusun makeup tool yg they all guna. 

Makeup brushes

Tapi for us? Well.. for me to be exact, yg baru nak berjinak pasal makeup nih camna? Nak masuk Elianto pun segan tau. Before RedBerry attended makeup class organized by Eisya Rahman, RedBerry pernah mintak MUA kat Bobbi Brown Pavilion (Ivy Chow) to teach me how to do basic makeup :D Time tuh RedBerry habis beratus jugak la kat situ, so they all kata kalau spend this much, then i can get free makeup class for 2 hours. So of coz la RedBerry tak lepaskan peluang. During the session, she taught me abt what type of makeup tool to use, how to pegang the brushes and all. Good service! Masa attend the recent makeup class, that part cikgu tak ajar betul. Frust. Could be coz everybody was so eager nak blaja pasal makeup, not so much of how to hold the brushes :) 

For those who are just like me, kalau tgk brushes bersusun mcm ni, boleh pening tau. Tak pasal2 CLUELESS jadiknye. Tak tahu mana satu brush for eyes, blush, powder... nak2 pulak org dok cakap pasal shading and highlighting! Hah!!! Lagi laaa clueless. Betul tak?

I am so clueless

So what did i do after i attended makeup session with Ivy Chow and before attending makeup class with Eisya Rahman? I bought a basic makeup book written by Rozita Che Wan's makeup artist - Amy Janz. It costs me only RM19.90. Murah la nak compare buku Bobbi Brown RM120 tuh :P Nyaris2 nak beli Bobbi Brown makeup book tuh, tapi husband tak izin. Kalau dia tak izin, RedBerry tak brani nak beli. But surprisingly, buku Amy Janz tuh very useful for me, for budak baru belaja. The first few pages, dia ajar pasal makeup tool.. and of coz la ada pasal brushes. From there, RedBerry belaja skit2 pasal brushes. Dlm buku tuh mmg brushes mcm2 la, mmg confused. Tapi RedBerry tgk mana yg basic jer. My dearest husband paham abt my passion, so he bought me one set of makeup brushes. Kalau tak silap ada 10 brushes dlm tuh. Luckily, kat handle of each brush tu ada tulis the function of the brush :P So kita tau la, ohh yg ni for blusher, this one for eyeliner, ohhh this one pulak for face powder. :) Lepas tuh, RedBerry start to beli brushes yg belum ada dlm collection. Kata dah tahu skit2 kan? Hehehehe...

So uols, in my next entry, RedBerry akan share basic makeup brushes. Tungguuuuuuuuuuu

Till then.. a bientot!

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