Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's hot & roll!!!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

We are not gonna rock & roll tonite! But let's HOT & ROLL, baby!!! *giggle* My entry is not about dancing or anything like that. It also something to do with an 'art'.. art of food.. and art of business. Have u ever heard or ever tried HOT & ROLL - it's either crispy wrap or paratha wrap? Yes? No?

Let's Hot & Roll, baby!

Kalau sesapa yg pernah try and even pernah nampak kat a few places such as Sunway Pyramid and IOI Mall, mesti uold dah familiar kan? For those who have no clue what HOT & ROLL is, let me intro kat uols wokey?

Hot & Roll serves Crispy Wraps (a very thin cooked pancake made from a home recipe flour mix) and Paratha Wraps in 16 flavours. Ada dua jenis for each wrap; either Savoury (BBQ chicken, Black pepper beef, satay chicken) or Sweet (Banana & Chocolate, Crunchy peanut, ice-cream). So kalau uols suka Crispy, uols pilih la nak Savoury Crispy or Sweet Crispy and same goes to Paratha.

RedBerry and husband mmg selalu jugak lepak kat kiosk Hot & Roll nih. Either in Sunway Pyramid or IOI Mall. Esp kalau lepak petang2... makan crispy wrap or paratha wrap.. walla! Perfect! Makan pulak time panas2... fuhhhh best giler! Nih mmg fave we all lah! RedBerry suka yg Crispy.. sebab besar and mmg crispy pun... Mr RedBerry pulak suka Paratha. Crispy or Paratha... sumer sedap! Harga pun berpatutan. kalau ada anak2 mesti they all suka makan nih. Pulak tuh kalau bawak anak2 pegi kiosk, tgk org dok masak tu on the spot.

InsyaAllah, kalau diizinkan Allah... Both of us Mr & Mrs RedBerry akan bukak satu kiosk kat Carrefour Puchong Utama yg akan dibuka soon. Mmg dah lama mengidam nak bukak kiosk nih. Pulak tuh, Hot & Roll nih mmg our fave. Tahun nih baru ada rezeki, nampak gaya nye. Carrefour Puchong Utama tgh dlm construction, InsyaAllah by end of this year siap. 

Currently tgh dlm process cari pekerja. Tadi midnite, keluar pegi sekitar Puchong nih, pegi tampal iklan vacancy for this job. Hahaha.. ronda ngan my lil red 'ferrari'.. dr satu taman ke satu taman... what an experience!

Pada sesapa yg stay sekitar Puchong, Kinrara, Putrajaya, sile lah berkunjung ke Carrefour Puchong Utama nanti  and support la business kami nih. Org kata baru nak merangkak... slow2... mintak support la dr kawan2 sumer. *big smile*. 

Ok la. See ya in Carrefour Puchong very soon.

See ya in my next entry!

Till then... A bientot!

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