Monday, November 8, 2010

Garden of Roses

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

I am sure most of us, ladies love roses esp red roses. I love roses! Actually i love any kind of flowers i.e Tulips, Orchids, Carnation... just name it. But the scent of roses is just AMAZING! Right? Roses are one of our most sentimental flowers. They are traditional gift symbolizing romantic love. The most common roses are red and white roses. Normally red roses represent love and macsculinity and white roses symbolises innocence and feminity. Kalau uols perasan, red roses are normally used for occasions like Valentine's Day, Anniversary - to celebrate love. Meanwhile, white roses are commonly used for wedding ceremony - to celebrate purity, honor and a new beginning, fresh love for the marriage.

Love is red

Roses are not only red and white. They come with different colours and symbolize different meanings. Let's have a look what are the meaning of roses!

Red Roses

Red rose - symbolises LOVE, passion, DESIRE, respect and MASCULINITY.
Yellow rose - symbolises friendship, CARING, happiness and FREEDOM
Peach rose - symbolises MODESTY

A bouquet of pink roses

Dark pink rose - symbolises gratitude and APPRECIATION
Pale pink rose - symbolises GRACE, admiration and SYMPATHETIC THOUGHTS
Orange rose - symbolises fascination and ENTHUSIAM

Symbol of pure devotion

White rose - symbolises INNOCENCE, reverence, PURITY, secure, FEMINITY and truth
Purple / Lilac rose - symbolises love at first sight and ENCHANTMENT
Red & yellow rose - symbolises GAIETY and joviality
White & yellow rose - symbolises harmony
Red & white rose - symbolises BONDING and harmony

A single rose symbolizes perpetual LOVE

Two roses of any colour wired together signify a commitment or forthcoming marriage

Say it to your love ones

Now uols dah tahu kan, meaning of roses... so kalau org kasik kaler apa for the roses, uols boleh interpret la the meaning behind it, right? *smile*

Ok la. See ya in my next entry! *rosy cheeks*

Till then... A bientot!


mzhany said...

erkkk hany kureng suka bunga akalu ada yg bg trime jer...hehehe ngengader!

RedBerry said...

Kureng suka sebab kena beli sendiri, ye tak? Kalau MZ kasik for Valentine's Day or Anniversary? Takkan tak sengih sampai tinger? :P