Monday, November 8, 2010

Un Maquillage Gothique

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

RedBerry bukan nak highlight pasal Gothic Culture. I just wanna share about the exotic and beauty makeup that we could learn and wear it sometimes, like when we attend any occassion that requires us to apply sexy, exotic yet pretty makeup. One of them is un maquillage gothique. Gothic makeup nih takde la selalu nye uols kena ikut sebijik apa yg most of Gothics people wear or practise. Perhaps we adopt some of their uniqueness like their goth eye makeup.

Dark eyes & lips

When we mention about Gothic or Goth Look... what's in ur mind?

DARK / BLACK eroticised style of dress / dark eyeshadows / dark thick eyeliner / dark lips / black fingernails / dyed BLACK hair


Dramatic yet Sexy Goth Look

Basically, this style are mixed of the PUNK, VICTORIANS and ELIZABETHANS. That's why their fashion look exotic, sexy, classy yet mysterious and FULL OF DARKNESS. Biasanye kalau nak tgk yg ok skit pasal gothic style nih, tgk citer vampire la - Twilight. *grin* RedBerry suka tgk gambar kat atas nih. Takde la sumer DARK and BLACK jer kan? Biler RedBerry dok baca2 pasal Gothic fashion nih, yg paling penting bahagian mata ler. Biasanye mmg kena guna thick black eyeliner. Buat smokey eyes yg dark punye. And kalau taknak nampak mcm mayat hidup, letak lipstick kaler gelap skit. Takyah la black. Nanti terkejut husband kan! Hahaha... Tapi kaler yg gelap.

Dark sexy lips

Satu lagi yg they all panggey goth look jugak, kalau taknak tebal sgt eyeliner, tapi uols still buat smokey eyes and lipsticks tuh kaler gelap. Mcm gambar lipsticks Bobbi Brown kat bawah nih. This is one of the collection from Bobbi Brown. Sapa familiar mesti dah tahu pasal nih. RedBerry lum pernah pegi check lagi pasal collection nih. It is BOBBI BROWN BLACK VELVET COLLECTION. Uols boleh usha2 kat link kat bawah nih. So uols boleh tgk lipsticks, eyeshadow yg sesuai nak buat gothic look nih. Whatever it is, simple rule... GOTHIC = DARK...  ur eyes and lips, that is where u highlight ur goth look. Perhaps for lipsticks, u might go for plum, cherry or maple. Meanwhile, for metalic eyeshadows, u might choose black charcoal or velvet plum.

Black Velvet Collection

 Hopefully, kalau RedBerry ada rezeki lebey, RedBerry pun nak pegi check kat Bobbi Brown counter nanti. *wink wink* This is just something to share with uols. Who knows, uols dapat idea nak buat different look nanti :)

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.. A bientot!


mzhany said...

berry kalau dah beli nnti jgn lupe share...hehehe teringin gak nak ada barangan bobbi brown nih..tapiii huhuhu

RedBerry said...

Hany, nanti kalau Berry TEEEERRRbeli.. Berry share kat blog ye. Tapi skang tgh usha eyeshadows from other brand. Nanti Berry post kat the next entry. Tapi takde kat Msia *nanges*