Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh it's yellow!.... Speed up!

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When u are happily driving home, uols kena lalu byk traffic light. And then when u come to the last one, lampu hijau! Wah!!! seronok giler! Tapi tetiba jer kete kat depan slow la pulak. By the time u reach the light, it turns YELLOW. Apakah!!!

Will you stop? or... just speed through??? Angkat tangan sapa yg selalu tekan minyak lagi laju? Ada la tuh, uols yg sengih2 tuh *chukcle*. Lagi parah lampu dah merah pun, pecut! Siap tgk kete blakang yg tak sempat tuh. kahkahkah... gelak tak ingat sorang2. lalalalalala.....kejissssss!

Have u forgotten that Yellow means slow down.... Not speed up? And of coz RED means stop. 

This entry bukan nak pin point kat sesapa ttp i think everybody experienced this at least once in her/his lifetime. Tipu la kalau uols kata tak. Unless it's either u just got ur driving license or mmg tak drive (org lain drive for u). I must admit that I pun selalu jer langgar lampu kuning! *larriiii* Last few days, out of 7 traffic lights, RedBerry 'langgar' 4 of 'em. Sebab dah letih sgt nak tunggu. Tak sabar nak sampai umah. Pulak tuh most of the lights, lampu hijau kejap sgt. tension la, beb! Tapi actually, kalau kita tak letih pun, psycho kan? Nampak jer yellow, pecut! Lagi parah kalau nampak merah pun pecut. Yg pelik nye, kalau hijau, drive mcm kura2. Ishh isshh.... tobat ler. 

I remember i read somewhere abt "who decided red means stop, green means go?". Pernah tak uols terpk? A'ah kan? RedBerry tak pernah terpk pun pasal nih. Ye la, since i was born, the lights have always been the same. Red, yellow and green. For those yg buta warna, they have difficulties to differentiate between red and green kan? Tapi guess how they know when it's green and then when it turns red? Susunan warna tuh. Red is on the top and followed by yellow and green. Interesting kan? Just imagine, kalau sejak dulu lagi sistem kaler tuh lain - let say pink for "GO"... mesti cute kan? hahaha.. well , actually ada history disebalik color coding nih. 

Mula2 they all nak start guna kaler coding nih camni - it was developed by the railroads masa zaman perang dunia dulu. Ada satu incident ni, where a farmer was trying to stop (flag down) a train with his RED shirt. Since then, RED color has been used to signal a train to STOP. Ada jugak yg kata sebab merah ni warna darah. So masa zaman2 perang dulu, merah has been a danger sign. (ehemmm... tapi RedBerry tak danger tau :P)

Pada tahun 1980an-1940an, red color was used for STOP, green for CAUTION and clear color or white for GO. Tapi sistem ni byk masalah. Ramai yg confused dgn kaler white / clear tuh AND byk lak accident masa tuh. So they changed it to yellow coz it's the most striking contrast to the other two color (green and red). In 1914, they used green for GO and yellow for CAUTION. Tapi pada tahun 1920an, they started to use red, yellow and green. That's what we have been using since - Red means STOP, Yellow means SLOW DOWN and green means GO!

It's just something to share with uols.Happy driving!

See ya in my next entry. 

Till then..... À bientôt
Red Berry

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