Thursday, October 14, 2010

N ..... NC ...... NW ???

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

In my previous entry, i shared some info abt skin tone and skin undertones. Uols ingat kan the equation tu:

Warm skin tone = Yellow skin undertone
Cool skin tone = Pink skin undertone

Uols yg mmg dah pro pasal MAC products must already know abt what i am gonna share in this entry. Uols yg baru nak berjinak2 guna MAC.. tgh nak cari foundation / concealer ke... jom! RedBerry share some info abt MAC.

The Art of MAC

Uols tgk gambar model MAC ni, cantik kan makeup tuh? Of coz la yg paling best tgk eye makeup dia. Superb! RedBerry nak uols tgk betul2 makeup base model2 ni. Takde nampak mcm tepung gomak ke apa kan? Nampak natural and flawless. Ye tak? This is bcoz they chose the right color for foundation/concealer/powder. 

I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown, coz it's more to earth color and it creates natural makeup. Nak pilih kaler pun tak pening kepala, sumer earth kaler. Foundation pun ada a few choices jer for us to choose. Bobbi Brown mcm other brands la, i mean dr segi color coding. Antaranya Beige, Sand, Ivory etc. My skin tone is much suitable for Beige :D.... However, if you visit MAC counter, dun u ever try to find Beige, Ivory or Sand. Mmg takde la. Their color coding is special, and it starts with N, NC or NW and followed by numbers. For example NC25, N30, NW40. 

N = Natural
NC = Natural Cool
NW = Natural Warm

The numbers represent lighter or darker color. The higher the number is, the darker the color will be. Uols mesti ingat kalau ur skin undertone is yellow, u should go for NW, and if ur skin undertone is pink, u should choose NC. U r wrong, my dear! Yes... ur understanding abt skin tone and skin undertone is correct. But wilth MAC, it goes other way round. Dia terbalik. Ramai org confused pasal nie. *grin* RedBerry pun masa mula2 start pakai MAC, confused jugak. Lepas beli tuh rasa tak puas hati. Takut kena tipu kan. Biler dah dapat info ni, RedBerry rasa mmg patut share ngan uols :)

For those who have cool skin tone, will need natural warm (NW) to balance out their skin tone. So, for those who have warm skin tone, will need natural cool (NC). Like myself, i have warm skin tone which is yellow undertone, my suitable color coding would start with NC. Mine is either NC25 or NC30. 

Camna nak ingat ek? Mesti confused. How abt u try to remember this way:-

Warm skin tone (yellow base) = Need Cool = NC
Cool skin tone (pink base) = Need Warm = NW

Hope this help!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... A Bientot!

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