Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I were a Ballerina

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

In my previous entry, i did mention that i cant sing, remember? I am a so-called 'tone deaf'. But if u ask me whether i can dance. My answer would be.... well, i can move.. i can shake my booty. Dance is actually not necessarily u have to shake your booty like Beyonce. Dance is when you start let your body move to the rhythm. So if that's what u called dance then... yeahh i will say i CAN dance, baby! *:LOL*

When I was in standard six, i joined a group of student to perform for Teachers' Day or something (i cant really recall the occasion..sorry). The song was Brother Louie by Modern Talking. If u asked me did i still remember the steps? OF COZ...... NOT! I still cant even believe how did i get involved with that group at the first place. But i remember that it was MADNESS... and FUN! The next one that i performed on stage was when i was in my second year at the college. Jangan marah aaaa.. it was Malay traditional dance! Hahaha.. Lagi parah aku... but i think i did it very well. *a big pat on my shoulder*. Ok fine! I can move, i can shake a booty.... i simply can dance! Hooorrraayyy! Hang on! The question is... can i do Ballet? *drop dead*

Ballet dancing

What?! Ballet? It never crossed my mind to learn Ballet... hahaha... since i was small, ballet is far beyond my reach.. beyond my imagination. Of coz i do love to see ballet dancing. It is beautiful, graceful kind of dancing! But dun u think it is for orang-orang kaya? Kan? Kalau masuk ballet jer.. it means u anak org kaya, beb. But not anymore! Nowdays, anybody can afford to learn ballet. Dun ask me how much, but i know it is affordable. :)

A Ballerina

Nevermind, just put aside that it was too late for me.. for myself to learn Ballet. At the age of 32, i dun think i wanna pursue learning ballet. Hahahaha... gelak besar la my husband. But! If i were a ballerina... a ballet dancer.... how it would be.. how it would benefit me? Come let's share some info about ballet dancing *smile*

En Pointe

Ballet benefits:

1) Promotes better posture
Ballet exercises require the use of good posture and alignment.

2) Scuplts and tones your body
The movements are designed to tone and firm muscles, so we can develop long and lean muscles without developing thick and bulky ones.

3) Develops poise and body awareness
The exercise called Barre, which is designed to help build poise and grace. These exercises are repeated as each class to help build balance, strength and poise.

Exercise called Barre

4) Helps to relieve stress
Ballet is an exercise and it releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins into the brain. So the movements are known for releasing stress and tension from the body. This in turn contributes to an overall improved sense of well-being.

5) Promotes flexibility
Baller uses muscles that are seldom used in other sports, giving us a total body flexibility workout.

6) Promotes creative expression
Ballet is also a form of artistic expression. We interpret each dance movement in our own unique way and it becomes our own personal expression. This can be quite therapeutic for both mind and body.

Ok tak? Byk lagi benefits of ballet dancing... Ni adalah antaranye yg RedBerry nak share ngan uols. *grin*

What we need to be a ballet dancer

Will u marry me?

If i were a ballerina, rasa nye Mr RedBerry kena propose me camni la ek? hahahaha... best nye!! Tgk la kaki pompuan tuh. Imagine i kena standing on the tips of the toes like this... hikhikhik... it could be hilarious!! and.... most of all... Mr RedBerry kena pakai seluar ketat tuh???? OH NO!!! tak rela u!!!

If i were a ballerina.... mesti everytime mengemas umah, mcm ballerina kan? Sambil sapu umah, sambil menari ballet... boleh imagine tak, uols????? Kata nak move GRACEFULLY kan.... *chuckle*

If i were a ballerina... biler Mr RedBerry sampai umah from work, i pegi sambut dia kat pintu mcm pix kat bawah ni.... hahaha... aduihh tak boleh blah la... *gelak tergolek*

Beautiful and graceful.... perfect!

Whatever it is... I dun think i can do ballet.... if i had a daughter and if she's interested, then i will let her do the things :)

Happy dancing!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... A Bientot!

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