Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rouge à lèvres... Lipstick!

Color my lips!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Uols ada problem tak nak pilih the best color for ur lipstick? No? Yes? RedBerry pun sumtimes kematu jugak pasal ni. Try kat kedai, cam ok jer. Biler beli and pakai betul, tak sesuwaaiii. Nampak cam tak kena. Tapi kalau dah jumpa fav color, mmg try to get the same color or brand jerlah! RedBerry wonder jugak, mesti ada cara camna nak dapat kaler yg sesauai kan? Pulak tu RedBerry kan tgh nak belaja pasal sumer nih. Of coz la RedBerry try baca sana sni, pasal makeup and related matters. Jom, RedBerry share info pasal camna nak pilih kaler yg sesuai. 

RedBerry suka sgt quote from Bobbi Brown. It goes like this, "If I had to teach someone just one thing abt lip color, it would be this: find a lipstick that looks good on your face when u r wearing absolutely no makeup" - BOBBI BROWN. As we all know, Bobbi Brown emphasize on natural makeup - makeup that could enhance your beauty. Kalau uols pakai lipstick just like in the pix above, tu dah kira bukan natural makeup, tapi tu kira ARTS. hehe.. cute jugak kan? *grin*

Most perfect trick

Camna ek? Biasanya, kita kena pilih kaler one or two shades darker than our natural lips color. If uols nak test kaler, apply lipstick sebelah bibir jer. Mcm pix kat atas ni. Kalau kaler jauh sgt beza, meaning tak sesuai, tapi kalau one or two shades jer beza.. kira yg tu yg paling close to ur natural kaler lah. Jgn lak amik yg  sama ngan kaler asal ek? Nanti tak nampak beza lak. Ingat, mission kita is to ENHANCE our beauty wokey. Bukan nampak cam biasa or nampak over lak. :) Ada tips yg lagi best, lepas try tuh, keluar kedai sat, and dok kat bawah cahaya matahari kejap. Bawak la cermin kecik, and tgk la kaler yg uols try tuh bawah natural lights. Lagi accurate camnie. Sama gak time nak pilih foundation kaler, kena tgk time uols kat bawah natural lights baru la uols dapat kaler yg paling elok dan sesuai ngan ur skin kaler. Mmg la senang jer RedBerry share the theory kan? But at least kita ada theory, so that biler pegi kedai takde la blur kan? Time tuh la nak apply theory yg kita tahu tuh. :)

Play with colors

Tadi tu kira the best and easiest way to find ur prefect color. Ada satu lg cara - skin tone. Yg ni mcm complicated skit la, sebab skin tones always associate with skin undertone. Generally, it goes like this:

Fair skin tone = nudes, apricot, pink and light coral. Please stay away from  BROWN.

Medium skin tone (mcm RedBerry) = roses, mauves and berries (sesuai ngan my pen name kan?)

Dark or black skin tone = yg ni special, they can go in one or two direction - towards brown or purple. For day, they could go for caramel / walnut. For evening wear, they could go for plum / wine. 

Last but not least, here is lipstick rule of thumb:

"watever skin color u hve dun like (eg. blue or grey, redness, pink etc), try not to copy in ur lipstick color. It is like wearing a red dress with sunburn. It makes the problem appear worse than it is."

Happy shopping!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... A Bientot!

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