Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dream Cars

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

RedBerry rasa semua org nak rasa idup mewah. Nak rasa ada duit byk. Nak idup takyah pk pasal 'alamak gaji lambat lagi, tp poket dah kosong!'. Kita perlu ingat bahawa rezeki org tak sama... rezeki masing2. Allah telah tentu kan rezeki, jodoh, ajal....semua di tangan-Nya. Tapi tak salah kan kalau kita berangan... to have a dream in our lives... to motivate us to work harder to achieve whatever we want in our lives. Whether we will get it or not... it's a different story. Again, it's rezeki. 

Apart from to have a BIG house, duit byk, tanah berekar2... have u ever had a dream, to buy ur DREAM CAR? I have! In fact everytime i see wealthy people come out from their luxury cars... i would always pujuk myself, "one day, i will be her....i'll be the one who come out from that car".... brangan la jap... then continue with my normal life. :) Kata2 itu DOA... setiap kali kita sebut tuh... mintak2 Allah tunaikan. But i know.. it aint that easy. Kena usaha. Usaha mcm mana? It's up to us.... as long as from rezeki yg HALAL. Betul tak?

Jom kita layan.... What are RedBerry's dream cars..... *berangaaaannnnn... blowing bubbles*

Mercedes E Class

Tak tercapai akal nak brangan that one day i will own this car. I was hoping... and still am that my husband would be able to own this car one day. If only i could drive it....*big grin*

BMW 5 Series

This is another one of my fantasy... To have it means i need to loose a good chunk of money from MY pocket! Mana nak korek???? But this car, i tell u!!! It's sexy, sophisticated, bold... what else do i what? But again, i dun think i could ever afford to buy this car. If God's willing... my husband might have a chance to buy this... one day. InsyaAllah... stay positive. Nak merasa punye pasal kan? hehehe...

Audi A4

Macam mana tak nanges? Tgk sportlight depan kete nih pun dah nanges sakan... Solid tuh! Kalau dapat drive ni, mmg berbaloi lah. Pernah try duduk2 dlm kete nih, kat showroom dulu. Aduihhhh... stereng dia tak besar tak kecik, ngam2 for me. But i heard the value will drop so much after a few years. So kalau beli, nak jual balik ke apa... takde value. Just becoz kat Msia ni, tak ramai pakai kete ni. Apa2 la kan? Kalau dapat free, takkan tak amik? Biler la org nak bagi for free ek? *tampar diri sendiri*

MINI Cooper

This car drives me CRAZY!!! Everytime i see it on the road.. i was like... "when would i ever have a chance to drive this MINI? Will i get that chance... ever???" Selalu jer terbayang, me on a MINI... it's sporty, fun to drive, it's practicable for its size... most of all... it suits me... it's petite.. i m petite.. sesuwai kaaann??? *LOL* .. layannnnn.. layannn... OPSssss!!!!


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Gosh! Where am i?? *pinch my cheeks*

Hehehehe... whatever it is.. RedBerry bersyukur dgn apa yg ada skang. Alhamdulillah. It's just sometimes, i cant help it to BERANGAN! Hahaha...HAKIKATnye.... RedBerry cuma drive 'Ferrari' jer. Love it! Love it! Love it! I LOVE MY LITTLE RED 'FERRARI'.... it's done lots good things for me. Byk teman me whenever i need her..... Myvi... my little red Ferrari :D


One day, kalau ada rezeki, insyaAllah... i will try to get my dream car... any one of 'em. I am working on it... *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Happy driving, uols!!!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... A Bientot!


suamihanyisterizuki said...

redberry, hany sangattttttt soka mini cooper s, uuuuu suker gegilos, siap mintak MZ belikan...MZ ckp, hurmmm dia pon pakai kete malaysia jer camno??? ahahah, xper la hany dah beli replika mini cooper..;)

RedBerry said...

Hany! Oh really!!! sama la kita... just imagine, kita dapat drive MINI Cooper... Pakai shades... fuhhh, giler giler.. mmg giler. I rasa u ni pun petite je kan? So mmg sesuwaii... Pujuk MZ lagi wokey! :P

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Red Berry, I love your Blog and enjoyed reading your posting. This the kind of cherita saya suka.
I couldn't help smiling read your profile, about your hubby, a business man in the making.

I was a business man...35 years! Until dapat title behind my nama, 'Lee, KSM'. Itu 'KSM' meaning, 'Kerjah sampai mati'! Ha ha ha.
And a doctor friend frightened me about my kind of life, I gave up everything.

I sure love your choice of cars. And yes, I owned a Mercedes and 3 Alfa Romeos, and one lipstick red MGB open top sports car when as a business man. One for business, one for chasing sarongs and one for bila ada bulan terang tepi laut, ha ha ha.

You have a pleasant week, simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

RedBerry said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Uncle Lee. I am a newbie in writing a blog. I dunno how and what people wud expect from my blog anyway. But i just wanna write any topics that i myself find it interesting to share with my readers.

Abt the dream cars, it aint my dream alone. It's my husband's dream as well. We share the same dream and we try to pursue our dreams. Hopefully, we'll get 'em one day, Uncle Lee!

A merc, 3 Alfa Romeos, and one sport car! what else do u want? U r living ur dream! Till then.. A Bientot!