Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dato' CT mana???

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

I got to write this on my blog! I know it would sound like i have gone loco or what. BUT who doesnt? Kalau dah jumpa ngan IDOL! Ok ok.. it was not my idol yg i jumpa.. but her super famous hubby. This might be the only chance i got for my entire life! Tak jumpa dia pun.. jumpa hubby dia jd la. 

This afternoon, masa kecoh2 dok angkat barang2 for seminar dlm NAZA. Tetiba i nampak this one guy.. or should i say this one gentleman keluar from his MERC. Of coz la dia ada driver kan. Then he salam org2 kat luar tuh. I was on the way out, heading to NAZA. Sekali baru i perasan.... 

Dato' CT and Dato' K

It was DATO' K! Can u believe that?? I know for some of u, it is not a big deal at all. BUT for me? for some reasons...  OMG! I just cant believe my eyes, man! Alrite.. alrite.. it was not Dato' CT seperti yg kuharapkan... *nanges*... tapi, kalau dah ada chance SALAM ngan Dato' K and he tegur me "Pegi mana?" ... i was like.. OMG! and replied him "ohh ada event kat Impiana Hotel, Dato'".. and as always.. he will just smile. Tak ke uols pun go LOCO??? *blink blink*

I was hoping for Dato' CT to pop out from the car. But, sadly she was not there....bukan my rezeki. Or else camera dah dlm beg nih. Mesti dapat gambar berdua ngan CT! Two of my dearest frens pernah terserempak ngan CT... sorang tuh sempat amik gambar lagi wokey.. i envy her! *green eyes*

Hopefully, one day i will get a chance to bump into Dato' CT. Mungkin tadi tuh, tanda2 awal utk berjumpa CT? *big grin*
My Idol

DATO' CT is my IDOL... she's got everything... successful career, great business, she has such a sweet and pretty face, a charming husband. U wanna be just like her. Mmg la tkkan glamour mcm dia... but ada rezeki mcm dia. Uols, nasib my hubby pun ada iras2 Dato' K wokey... hahhaha.... My dearest Mr RedBerry!! I love u sayang! I love ur misai! *grrrr*

Hahaha.... ok la. See ya in my next entry. This one is just something i wanna share my LOCO with u. 

Till then.... A Bientot!

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