Sunday, October 3, 2010

Magazines.... that i can't live without

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

In this entry i will just share with you my all time favourite magazines. I dun buy all of 'em in one shot tho. It depends on the topics and who's on the cover. Sumtimes, the topics are not really interesting, but if the cover featuring Dato' CT, i will definitely get a copy of it. Hehehe...

Let's find out what are RedBerry's choices of magazines!

1) Eh! 

Eh! is a magazine written in Bahasa Melayu which covers abt fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle. The price is so so... it's RM7.00. Eh! mmg sesuai for 20s and 30s.

2) InTrend

Basically InTrend is a fashion magazine written in Bahasa Melayu. For me, I prefer InTrend magazine than Eh! bcoz it covers more abt fashion, beauty and makeup. The price is a little bit higher than Eh! It's abt RM7.50. Tapi still...murah la dari Female magazine. InTrend mmg sesuai for those who age in 20s to early 40s. Actually tak kira umur kot, sapa yg suka bergaya boleh la baca and refer to InTrend.

Kalau RedBerry nak beli Eh! or InTrend, mmg RedBerry tgk sapa cover, topics apa yg best, baru RedBerry beli... or else might as well RedBerry beli Female magazine. 

 3) Malaysian's Female
Malaysia Female Magazine

Malaysia Female is a fashion magazine written in English and it covers a lot abt latest fashion, latest collection of bag, shoes, dresses etc, and it also talks abt lifestyle and beauty. This is the most expensive one compared to other magazines yg RedBerry selalu beli. The price is RM8.00. Kalau topics tak best, RedBerry prefer lagi beli Eh! or InTrend. I mean if we talk abt fashion magazine la kan. Magazine ni pun sesuai for age 20s to 40s.

 4) Malaysian Women's Weekly
Malaysian Women's Weekly

Malaysian Women's Weekly is just like Majalah Wanita. It talks everything abt women from head to toe, sharing true story, home decorations, fashion, health and beauty. The price is reasonable, it's only RM5.60. Magazine ni sesuai utk ladies with age of 30s and above.

 5) Rapi

Rapi is a health magazine written in Bahasa Melayu. I just discover abt this magazine just recently. It's very informative. If u are looking for a health magazines talks abt beauty, diet, what shud and what u shud not, as well as petua nenek2 kita, then i think this one is a great choice. Apparently, it claims that it is a #1 health magazine in Malaysia! Must admit it myself. The price is VERY reasonable, it's just RM4.00! Selalu jugak beli Rapi, sebab hubby pun suka baca. Very informative kalau nak share ngan hubby pasal lifestyle. Camna nak diet yg betul, senaman camna kita boleh try. Sumer ada dlm nih. Rapi sesuai for all ages, coz it simply talk abt health!

Boleh la uols try beli and baca magazines nih ye. Let me know ur opinion abt 'em.

Ok la. See ya in my next entry.

Till then... A Bientot!
Red Berry

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