Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoophobia..... i think so!

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This morning, it was raining. The traffic was bad compared to usual. Mr RedBerry was unable to send me to the office. So, while driving along the Kesas and MEX hiway, i was listening to the It almost a year now, has been my and Mr RedBerry's fav radio station. We just love to listen to Kril, KE and of coz SY. Tak kering gusi kalau dgr these three stooges when they start cracking some jokes (they always do!). Apparently, it is a Malaysia's #1 radio station in Bahasa Melayu! Why dun u try to tune in to SINAR PAGI - every morning then?

Anyway, this morning they were discussing abt ZOOPHOBIA. Yup, perhaps most of u are already familiar with this term. But for those who have never even heard this word, basically u know la zoo = animals, and phobia = fear. So dgn kata lain, fear of animal (la peur de l'animal). Let me share with u some info abt Zoophobia.

Zoophobia or animal phobia is a term for the class of specific phobias to particular animal. It's an irritational fear or even simply DISLIKE of any non-human animals. It is an abnormal and persistent fear of animals. But uols jgn confused pulak dgn sensible fear of dangerous or threatening animals like fear of venomous snake. Tu lain ye. Yg ni either u mmg tak suka or geli ngan binatang tuh. Contoh paling dekat la kan. My two sisters, they have this kind of phobia. The first sister, simply HATE frogs. Even if she saw it on the tv screen, she will scream! katanye nampak jer rasa geli nak muntah. Pelik kan? tapi benar. Another sister pulak, she's scared of cockcroaches. Geli katanye sebab merayap. Hahaha. Yeahh yeahh sedap jer RedBerry gelakkan my sisters kan? Uols tgk pix bawah nih, for u cute la ek?

Ohh cute la ek???? guess what! I also have zoophobia! i m freaking scared to...... CATS!! yup!! i know.. gelak la.. gelak... i m scared of CATS.. any cats. Kalau dgr "meowwwwwwww", jgn harap I would say, "here kitty kitty... " *vomit*. even if i look at the photo of a cute cat, i would see this:

Tu belum terserempak the real cat! hahaha.. yeahh yeahh i know. Nabi pun sayangkan kucing kan? BUT, it's just... GELI.. i dunno how to tell you guys. I can even sense, if there is a cat nearby. Punye la takut. My hubby pun pelik, but nak buat camna. The first pix of cat is just like how my bro and sisters' cat looked like. She died 10 years ago. I must admit she was a 'pretty' and very gentle cat. But everytime, she's walking towards me, i will like ..'ALAMAKKK!!! shoohhh shooohhh...!!! argghhhhhh" - yeahh i know, it sounds like org giler or sth like that. Dah nak buat camna, cute or manja la mcm mana pun, terserempak jer, it will look like the 2nd pix.. trust me! Nampak jer kucing, i will just like......

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! go away!!!!

Ada this one incident, i was lepaking watching telly. Masa tuh I was baring. The telly was kat ujung kaki i. Tetiba, masa dok syok2 tgk citer apa dah time tuh, tetiba i nampak 'something quite familiar and scary' dok intai me ujung kaki... masa tuh my mind tgh concentrate, so slow la skit nak capture the image tuh. Sekali, "meowwww" (nak panggey dengan manja la tuhhhh). I was like, "@#$%^%$#@!! Argghhhhhhh!!!! shooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! &*^%$#@$%^&!!!"... amik ko segala bahasa terkeluar! hahaha... pity her (i think it was a female cat. It's a Persian cat to be exact. She's ermm cute.. but.. argghhh geli!!!). Terus dia lari lintang pukang. It was my neighbour's cat. Masa tuh me and my fren was staying at a studio. So tahu la camna senang jer dia nak masuk, kalau pintu dah terbukak. *scream!!*

Until now, kalau balik umah my mum, tgh2 basuh pinggan kat dapur, kalau nampak jer kucing dtg, i will just throw away the pinggan dan menjerit! Gelak la.. gelak.. uols yg takut katak, cicak, lipas tuh.. apa citer???? (chehhh.. berlagak tuh.. hahhaha).

So uols. Eventho it's an abnormal fear, but it happens to most of us. Cuma kita takut pada binang yg berbeza. Jgn takutkan org dah mmg takut dgn binatang tuh ye? Boleh pengsan tau!

See ya in my next entry.

Till then...... À Bientôt
Red Berry

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