Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mon Rêve .... My Dream

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous!

RedBerry nak share ngan ngan uols abt mon rêve... my dream. Everybody has a dream. It is just that most of the people live and die with their music unplayed. I quote it from Ms Julie Ann Ford, "Dare to dream, becoz only by dreaming, you will ever discover who your are, what you want and what you can do". There are some truth behind this quote. RedBerry sendiri pun terpk. Dulu RedBerry tak sure nak jd apa. Ikut jer cakap parents. But for sure mmg RedBerry selalu aim nak score dlm study. Must get good results, so that one day i would be living my dream. What dream? Well, at that time, all those years i wanna be an accountant. However, through out the years, that so-called dream fade away. Yes, i am having a good job now. But it aint satisfied me enuff. It never will. Mungkin org akan kata impian RedBerry ni kecik. Tak berbaloi belaja tinggi2. But who are u to judge whether the dream that i have is kecik or angan2 mat jenin. Biarlah angan2 mat jenin. Janji RedBerry ada hala tuju.... ada aim dlm mengatur hidup bersama suami tersayang (love u, baby!). 

Let's see apa yg RedBerry impi-impikan selama ini! Jom!

I wanna have my own STUDIO DE MAQUILLAGE! *big grin*

Makeup Studio

AND another one would be..... SALON DE COIFFURE! *big smile*

Hair Salon

I put those pix in front of me.... that's my aim. Whether it will come true or not, that would be a different story. But c'est mon reve! I will start with one of 'em first, then if the business is profitable, i would expand it to another one. Could be just in one salon. Salon & Studio under one roof. Senang nak manage kan? Hehehe. Kalau both profitable, RedBerry akan pk satu lagi.. mayb Le Boutique ke? Kan? Mana tahu kot2 angan2 jd kenyataan.
Le Boutique

This entry pun nak remind myself, kalau betul2 nak Salon, Studio et Boutique. Baik buat sesuatu sekarang. Why not start with attending classes. Ilmu itu penting. Business without knowledge nanti kecundang! :) Ok, akan cari classes!!! Once dah masuk class nanti, RedBerry akan update kat sni. InsyaAllah, jika ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan! Amin.....

Ok la uols! Dare to dream like RedBerry wokey!!!

See ya in mon prochaine entree!

Till then... A Bientot!
Red Berry

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