Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mr and Mrs RedBerry Special Dish

Bonjour! Comment allez?

Zaman2 skang ni, wives takde la masak everyday kan? Unless u r a housewife, u might have time to prepare special dishes to ur family. But for those who are like me.. a working wife, weekend is the most suitable time to show our talents, huh? :) I myself have not much talent in cooking. Esp kalau bab garam... uhhh fail! In my teenage years, i spent my entire years in a boarding school, and i went to a college and univ. During those times, i did not bother to learn how to cook, even a simple dish. Masak sup ayam and goreng telur tahu la. hahaha. 

But since we tied the knot, my husband slowly teach me how to 'operate' the kitchen. Awesome huh! I must admit that he's got the talent! After 2 and half years now... i slowly gain my confidence to do the cooking all by myself. Tapi bab garam... i still need him lah! Hahhaa... what a husband for... kan? *giggle*

Anyway, during the weekend... time lepak2 kat umah, we will try to prepare our favourite dish. Apart from Kari Kepala Ikan yg awesome tuh, we have another super duper dish which is BIHUN SUP UTARA. Yeah i know it sounds like.. eleehh... biasa la tuh. But for us, it's a special home cook and we even had a thought to open our own restaurant specialised in bihun sup utara. That's y we always look forward for a weekend. Dish ni la yg selalu we all dok sesama kat dapur and masak... bercinta kat dapur... *big smile*
This is how it looks when it's served! Bon Appetit!!! 

Yang paling penting sup dan sambal

Tauhu, perut & daging

Bahan2 hiasan

My version of bihun sup utara

Tell me what's ur special dish 'pengikat kasih' for ur family.... :)

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then..... A Bientot!

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