Friday, April 8, 2011

U look blue.... Indonesian Blue Kebaya

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Before ni, RedBerry pernah buat post pasal Kebaya Indonesia and Green Kebaya kan? FYI, RedBerry mmg suka kebaya. Cuma sejak kahwin ni, asyik tempah baju kurung moden jer. Ye lah, senang nak balik kampung kan. Takde la ketat segt kalau pakai baju kurung. But still.. RedBerry teringin nak buat kebaya. Mana tahu kot2 ada majlis kat mana2 yg sesuai, boleh la pakai kan. *grin*

Green Kebaya kita dah tgk. So in this entry, RedBerry nak share pasal Blue Kebaya. Most of Kebaya yg RedBerry suka selalu from Indonesia. Kalau kat Malaysia ni, Kebaya Nyonya la yg cantek kan? But still, RedBerry suka Indonesian Kebaya. Nampak elegant, and corak nye nampak lagi exclusive. That's only my opinion lah. Lain org lain taste nye. Ye tak? RedBerry suka jugak baju kaler biru, tapi tgk la biru camna. Ada blue yg RedBerry tak sesuai, nampak dull. Ada jugak yg boleh brighten up my face.

Jom kita tgk Indonesian Blue Kebaya!

Blue Kebaya #1:
Biler RedBerry google jer, ternampak this pix. RedBerry suka sesgt cutting dia, color combination. Cantek! RedBerry dah boleh imagine what color of eye shadows goes well with this kebaya. Could be ... lite yellow as a base, lite green  for half of the outer corner, dark blue for outer V corner, brown for the crease and of coz cream color for brow bone. For lips, we can choose lighter pinkish lipstick. What do u think? *smile*

LOVE it! 100%

Blue Kebaya #2:
Vavavoom!! This kebaya is really sexy. It really shows ur PERFECT figure (if u have one!). I love the way they put the collar on the kebaya. For this Kebaya, i would go for light monochromatic blue eye makeup with super RED lipstick! Super gorgeous!

I would not wear this for Hari Raya or any similar occasions. But for an event like company's annual dinner or something like that, yeah i prolly dare to wear it (provided that my husband gives his permission... hahahaha).
I give this 70%

Blue Kebaya #3:
I love the color combination of the baju and the kain here. The color of the kain complement the color of the white/lite blue baju. This is suitable for attending a wedding. But of coz i have to make sure, i have to reduce my tummy before wearing this kebaya! Hahahhaa... or else... it will defeat the purpose of wearing kebaya (to show ur beautiful slender figure).

It's one of my choices that i would go for... so i give this 85%.

Blue Kebaya #4:
This is gorgeous!!!! I love not so much of the kain... but i LOVE the baju kebaya itself. It looks like you are wearing a low cut dress.. and yet u r actually wearing a full set of kebaya! With this kebaya, i would do sultry blue/brown smokey eyes with a nude lipsticks. Oh yes! It absolutely gorgeous!

I will not definitely be wearing this for Eid Mubarak! Hahahhaa!! But i will wear this during any special dinner. Gorgeous. Since i like so much, i give this 90%.

Blue Kebaya #5:
Somehow i love the look that this model portray while wearing this kebaya. But personally, i would not wear this type of kebaya. It looks weird on me. Perhaps for those who are tall, slander and have bold personality would go for this kebaya. *smile*


Blue Kebaya #6:
It goes the same with this kebaya. The color combination aint just rite for me personally. 

For that reason i give this look 40%

So lalings!!!! Which one is ur favourite? Share with me! Write a comment below. *smile*

 Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot!

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