Friday, April 8, 2011

French Twist Hair

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

RedBerry suka tgk org with mcm2 hairstyle esp the style yg nampak cantek and elegant. RedBerry sendiri pun admit yg RedBerry mmg tak pandai bab nak hias2 rambut nih. Nampak gaya, the next mission is masuk kelas yg belaja pasal rambut la pulak *grin* what do u think? Ada jugak plan nak join kelas andaman sis Eisya Rahman nanti. Tgk dulu camna, coz semua tuh perlukan ongko$$$$$$$$$!

In this entry, RedBerry nak share pasal FRENCH TWIST HAIRSTYLE. I think (most probably) most of u are really familiar with this hairstyle. It's either you know what is it or u even know how to do a french twist.

Jom kita tgk skit info pasal hairstyle nih:


  • A French twist is a common "updo" hair styling technique.
  • It is created by gathering hair in a low ponytail (not secured) and twisting the ponytail upwards until it turns in on itself against the head.
  • It is then secured with pins, clips, sticks or a comb.
  • French twists are usually worn to proms and weddings when they are in a tight fashion.
  • However, one could wear a messier, looser look to the office or out on the town.
  • Hair clips are also commonly used with French twists.

source: Wikipedia

Cantek kan? RedBerry suka sgt. Mcm senang jer, tapi RedBerry tak reti nak buat sendiri.

Let's have a look at celebrities who wore this hairstyle:

Eva Longoria

Jessica Simpson

Kate Winslet

My idol! - Victoria Beckham

Jessica Alba

The lagendary Audrey Hepburn

Who do think wore this hairstyle better? What other hairstyle do like most? Come on share with me, ladies! *wink*

RedBerry suka sgt this hairstyle and i think it suits me well! *perasan tahap dewa.. layannnnn* I should learn how to do french twist then! That will be my next mission!!!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot!

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