Monday, April 11, 2011

Classiqueredberry's Signature Look

Comment allez-vous?

Now it's almost 1am. I just came back from property investment seminar held at Cititel Hotel. RedBerry try a new look tadi, for the new update for Classiqueredberry's Signature Look. Click this link for the look.

Let's have a quick look for the new EOTD - pink purple smokey eyes

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... a bientot!


Zyash said...

Nice la...

RedBerry said...

Hi Zyash,

Please click at the link for the full look and the product used. *smile*

Thanks, anyway... *blushed*

anie,Nagoya said...

dah lama tak kesini....ada cub cara makeup yg u guna warna cerah je.takut nak guna wana yg menyerlah ni...nnt le kalo dah kuat semangat...hahahaha

RedBerry said...

Hi Anie *hugz* how r u?

Thanks coz sudi lagi jenguk2 sni *grin*. Anyway, join me kat another blog - ClassiqueredBerry's Signature Look. Kat situ RedBerry share product that i used to create the look.

Palette ni mmg kaler terang. Tu tgh practice mcm mana nak campur nampak serasi. Ni sebab makeup malam, tuh yg kasik nampak menyerlah. Biler muka kita dah oxidise, nampak ok. Mayb pix ni RedBerry amik just after finished the makeup kot. Tu nampak terang sgt.Hehehe

Apa2 pun, follow me ye!
Take care, laling!