Sunday, August 7, 2011

A trip to Gold Coast

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Uols! More abt Gold Coast. On the 2nd day (3th July), energy pun dah ada. So RedBerry pun mula la explore Gold Coast! Yeeeeehhhaaa!!!

Pagi2 lagi dah keluar. Buat breakfast apa yg patut, then terus keluar. The weather was great! Ada sunshine but temperature was only ard 17-19 deg. Best kan? Takde la nampak gloomy jer. But at the same time, takde la  panas. Makeup pun tak cair. *LOL*

First destination was CARRARA MARKETS. Ni lebey kurang KL Downtown night market kat Cheras tuh. Mcm2 ada.

Yg best for kids is Pony Ride. Bayar dlm AUD5, the girl yg pakai baju pink tuh akan bawak jalan dlm area
market tuh.

Before balik tuh, ada budak2 buat performance - Kang Kang Dance. Their age around 4 to 12. Cute sesgt! Actually they all ni dari Happy Feet Academy, and tgh kutip contribution dari org2 yg ada kat Carrara Markets, so that they can buy equipments for their preparation for Olympics or something like that.

Lepas tu otw home, we stopped at Surfers Paradise. Ni tempat lepak and this area mmg tepi pantai. Best giler.

Bus ni actually free ride, tapi risau nak naik coz org2 dlm tuh pasang lagu kuat2 and semua mcm happy semacam. So..... tgk and amik gambar jer la *grin*

Try jd mermaid?

Me and hummer... cool kan?

Hang out place at Surfers Paradise

Redberry in action!

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

That the end of DAY 2.... balik umah... beli Nando's for dinner *grin*

On the 3rd day... RedBerry pegi Brisbane. Yg tu RedBerry citer in my next entry>

On the 4th day, RedBerry trasa nak pi usha2 baju... so MRB bawak ke Harbor Town - factory outlet. So kat sni byk la branded stuff yg kita leh beli at  lower prices.

Masa tgh tunggu bus tu... guess what! We all nampak Savvy.... waahhh kat sana pun org pakai kete kita. bangga tak?

The whole day mmg we all spent time kat Harbor Town. Usha2 barang, makan2.. jalan2....

That's the end of Day 3....

Stay tune... Till then ... a bientot!

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