Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rainbow up.... my eyes!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Hey beautiful! Cava? Hopefully u r in the PINK of health! Kalau uols tgk title for this post, mesti uols boleh agak. If we talk about rainbow, what comes across your mind? Yes! COLORS definitely! There is a song by Deana Carter and it goes like this:

" put the blue back in the sky.......You put the rainbow in my eyes.......The silver lining in my prayers.......And now there's colour everywhere.....You put the red back in the rose.......
Just when I needed it the most......You came along to show you care
And now there's colou everywhere......"

"Colour Everywhere" - Deana Carter

Rainbow eyes

RedBerry bukan nak citer abt this song or rainbow. It's abt eyemakeup. Nama pun eyemakeup, so mesti la something to do with eyeshadows. ye tak? Ohh!! I LOVE eyeshadows! Nak beli eyeshadow MAC or Bobbi Brown byk2 tak mampu, so i decided to go for a cheaper one... which comes with palette. Alang2 beli, baik beli byk terus. Kata nak practice. Kehkehkehkeh :P

Last month, dengan tekun nye, RedBerry study la pasal eyeshadow palette. Byk baca review, tgk youtube etc - sampai lebam tau! hahaha... Biler dah puas hati with my so-called research (ewwahh...kkkelasss kan?), i finally decided to buy Professional MANLY 120 Colors eyeshadow Palette. *grin*

Pagi tadi bangun awal2, excited nak pegi amik parcel kat post office. Kata last week Post ofc tutup. Punye la seksa tunggu another week. At last!!! Here it is! Taaarraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

Professional MANLY 120 eyeshadow palette - It is properly packed using bubble wrap.

The box (white) and the palette (black)

At the back of the box, ada details pasal ingredients

At the back of the palette, it states the manufacturer and expiry date... It's in June 2013!! Yeayy!!!

The palette has two layers of the colors.

The first layer, the colors are darker and warmer. There are white, silver, black, dark green/blue, purple and brown.

Second layer of the palette, the colors are more bright and vibrant - bright blues, greens and yellows.

Love it!!! Love it!! Love it!!!!!!! See! takde satu pun yg broken. It's perfect!!! Hahhaa.. ohh yessssss! Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar lah terus beli 120 palette! Tamak tau! *LOL* I bought this from Meg - skinny heels. It only costs me RM56 + RM8 (postage) = RM64. Mana nak dapat 120 eyeshadow palette with the total cost of RM64? Apparently, this is the cheapest i came across thus far. Ramai yg jual ni online. Other sellers would sell it at RM80 or more for the palette. Tu pun tak termasuk postage charge lagi tu.

Kalau uols nak tgk youtube, uols boleh la search for Manly 120 palette. It is pigmented and has fun, vibrant colors. Dlm Youtube pun ramai yg beli this palette. Jom kita tgk one of the reviews:

So how? Interesting kan? Nanti RedBerry try buat EOTD (eye of the day) using this 120 palette.

For those who are interested of buying this palette, please directly email Meg at from skinny heels. She's very helpful and efficient. Chewahh! Free advertisement nih. (kena mintak komisen). kehkehkeh :D Tapi ada jugak la time dia bz sgt. Kalau lambat skit reply ur email tuh, that means she's super busy wokey! But dun worry, she will reply urs.

Errmm... next time RedBerry boleh buat biz ni kan? Kalau RedBerry buat biz ni, uols nak beli tak? *soklan yg begitu jujur nih* :P

Anyway, is anyone out there has ever tried this 120 palette? Let's share ur experience with me!

Ok la, lalings! See ya in my next entry.

Till then... a bientot! Stay gorgeous!


H A N S said...

RB!! OMG, 120 paletes?? rambang mata nk guna waner maner 1? heheheh..cant wait to see ur design :)

RedBerry said...


Hani!! That was exactly my reaction when i opened the palette!! OMG!!! I just cant believe it with my own eyes, at last, i own the palette with 120 colors. It's madness! hahhaa Actually color dia kecik2 besar coin 5 sen or 10 sen jer. Tapi pedulik! I love it!

My design? uwaaaaaaa takut nyeeeee... mintak2 menjadi.

anie,Nagoya said...

sggh tak pandai guna wane mata warna-warni.kalo kita lah..dah cam warna pelangi kot.

ps:na cuba make-up warna-warni.pakai bulu mata cam tu.sambut hb balek.gerenti dia lari umah.hahahaa

RedBerry said...

Hahaha.. Anie... RB pun tak pandai sgt kalau byk kaler ni, but i will try use the colors as much as possible. Tapi rasa nye yg merah or bright orange tuh, susah la skit nak guna. Unless kalau nak pegi dinner yg ada tema kan?

Nanti kalau ada masa, RB buat EOTD from the palette.

mzhany said...

berry, nanti tunjuk eh hasilnya huhu suke jugak tgk kalerful mcm tu...geram...

RedBerry said...

Hany, kan? I pun sengih2 masa tgk palette tuh. Mcm budak2 dapat toys. hehehe..

InsyaAllah, i will do the ETOD soon. Sabar nye :D

Megan Chia said...

Hey dear,
Meg here, you can look for xteener she mix n blend colours really well n she is killer good at doing make up! Thanks again for reviewing babe ! :)

RedBerry said...

Hi Meg,

Totally! I am huge fan of hers! The first makeup video i watched was hers. She's pretty and super brilliant. I simply love her 'creations' :D