Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Click! Click! Click!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Uols ingat tak lagu "Click Click Click" by NKOTB? Ohhh yess... for those who are a die heard fan of NKOTB, your should know this song. Jom tgk video ni:

"so make a pose for me... click click click".... Sexy kan lagu nih?? Ohh now i cant just stop singing this song! Love it!!! Actually RedBerry bukan nak citer pasal lagu nih, RedBerry nak citer pasal photography. Tetiba tingat lagi ni, ye la... kata kalau camera kan selalu bunyi "click click click" ... kebetulan lak lagu nih ada. Best kan lagu nih. Cute! *grin*

Anyway, RedBerry nak introduce pasangan photographer yg amat sweeettt nih, kebetulan pulak they are my officemates. Husbandnye yang cool nama AZLAN... wife dia yg cantek and chic, nama nye MIN. They are very passionate in photography. Trust me! Kalau kita ada duit lebey, mesti trasa nak beli makeup and handbag. But for them... kalau tak beli lens for their cameras, tak sah! Kalau tak silap, mmg dah lama they all minat bab ni, cuma they seriously involved in the photography since last year. Byk jugak project2 yg they all buat. Gambar pun cantek2!  Just have a look at the pix below:

Lovely! - One of MINMOHD PHOTOGRAPHY art works

CUTE kan!!!!! So kalau uols ada anak, why not capture his/her moment with u. Kalau takde anak, boleh la capture LOMANTIK moment with ur hunny bunny :D. Jom kita usha2:


Kalau uols tak dapat, just search for MinMohd Photography *grin*

So if you are interested, just RING! RING! RING! them... and they will  CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! with their Nikon. I am sure they could give you the best rate! 

Come on! Let's capture your best moment with your loved ones. Just give them your best pose, and let the cameramen do the job!

Ok la. See ya in my next entry!

Till then.... a bientot! Click Click Click! *wink*


eyndayusoff said...

Cantiknyer gambar baby posing. tu... so cute!!

RedBerry said...

Hi Eynda a.k.a JLO, *grin*

Yes, mmg comey sesgt baby tu posing. If you want to capture ur moments with ur kids, let me know. I will let Azlan or Min know about it. :D