Monday, September 27, 2010

Première Entrée: Malu..... Tapi Mahu!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Kalau tgk topik tuh mesti uols tertanye2 mende la yg RedBerry ni malu sgt, tapi mahu? *wink wink* NO NO NO (mcm lagu Destiny's Child la pulak), uols jgn ler pk yg bukan2 tau *grin*

Bukan apa, this is my first EVER blog and my first entry! Title pun 'Première entrée', so rasa ala2 London film premiere gitiew *chuckle*. Newbie la katakan. Ada trasa excited, rasa blank pun ada. Apa tak nye, writing skill tuh dah berkarat (ermmm, mmg ada skill ke??? hehe). Rupanye susah gak nak start a blog nih. Salute la kat uols yg mmg pakar tulis blog. All these while, RedBerry selalu gak follow bloggers kat luar sana. Ada jer idea dan ditulis dengan celoteh yg sgt menarik! Ada citer pasal family, fesyen, travelling dan ada jugak citer pasal skin care and makeup.

As for me, i will just write things that i wanna share with my readers. Actually, my first intention to start blogging is to promote my husband's café (coming soon.... insyaAllah). Dah mintak restu awal2 from him. Once project café tuh dah start, i will start blogging abt it. I will update u on the progress of the café, what's new, food promotion etc. Since this is our first 'baby', kena la promote lebih skit kan? At least biar org tahu pasal café tuh. But in between, i will blog about what i read, what i saw, what i heard - anything under the Sun. I will write 'em all in my humble blog. Org kata Sharing is Caring rite?

Why did i choose "Classique Red Berry" for my blog name?

Classique = klasik : part of the café's name (nanti Red Berry announce dlm entry yg lain)
Red Berry : I simply love the name and it represents la femme (a wife or a woman). Plus i am a red lover. Mmg sesuai sgt jd nom de plume (pen name). 

So here it is! Pada yg sudi membaca celoteh RedBerry, terima kasih daun keladi. Harap2 baca lah lagi. Apa yg akan ditulis di sini adalah untuk dikongsi semata2. Seandainya ada yg tidak suka atau terguris, maaf dipinta. Oh ya! To all my dearest readers, any photos and write-up in this blog are NOT meant to be shared or copied without my permission. Tanye dulu ye :)

Guess what? Bersemangat punye pasal, i just bought myself a netbook! - Dell Inspiron Mini the Nickelodeon edition - semata2 untuk blogging.Semangat kan? Semestinya! With that, i am welcoming myself to this cyber world! 

Ok la. C'est ma première entrée to say hello to everyone out there! Bonjour tout le monde!

See ya in mon deuxieme entrée (my second entry)

Till then....... À Bientôt!


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