Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pinocchio.... Don't Lie!

Bonjour! Comment-Allez-Vous?

I told u b4 rite? that i just bought a netbook - Dell Inspiron Mini the Nickelodeon edition. Yup, i am using it rite now *grin*. Love it! Petite and so cute!! Kalau baca review, actually this one is meant for les enfants (kids). Sebab ianya basic. The price also is cheaper than other netbooks with different brands. Mmg Red Berry taknak cari yg canggih sesgt and mahal. Netbook nie is just for updating the blog, checking e-mails, usha2 FB. So rasa nye dengan harga dan its cuteness, it's more than perfect for me! I must admit i was attracted by its color. Apparently mmg trademark Dell Nickelodeon pun which is white and green slime. Alaaa.. kalau things for kids, u know la how it looks like kan? *chuckle*

HERE IT IS!!! cute tak? 

This entry is not for me to review abt the netbook. Tgk balik topik entry ni. Nampak tak gambar tuh? Pinocchio kan? Kalau sebut jer pasal pinocchio, and pulak tuh time idung dia start panjang. Haaaaa.. maknanye... it's abt someone talks lies. Yup, ni bukan someone yg i kenal pun. But someone yg Mr Red Berry and myself terpaksa berdepan. It's all abt negative body language. Kalau dah both hands letak kat bawah ketiak. Biler bercakap, mata pun dah tak tgk directly to us, kejap2 tangan gosok idung. Isshhh isshhh.. lain macam. Eventho cakap la sehebat mana pun but body language never lies.

Actually ni citer masa we all dok bz cari netbook. Masa dok tgh2 usha tu. Lalu la kedai ni. Tetiba ada org tegur, 'kak, cari laptop ke? Mari la tgk2 sni kak'. Org kata nampak kedai Melayu... so nak tolong Melayu la kan? So my dear Mr Red Berry stop situ then tanye pasal netbook. Mamat tuh start la dok cakap pasal 'new' netbook special edition, i quote him, "abg nak tgk yg limited edition punye? cantik, bang. Kalau abg tgk mesti abg nak". Fine! pi la suruh dia amik. Sementara dok tunggu tuh, so-called boss mamat tuh dok depan my hubby. My hubby tanye mcm2 la pasal netbook nih. Mula2 dia ok jer, lepas kena tanye tuh, and of coz masa nak menjawab soklan2 berapi nih, terus tangan letak kat bawah ketiak, mata terkebil2. Kejap2 gosok idung. Pandang kita mcm kita nih budak tadika. U know what i mean kan? Siap cakap kedai dia jer ada special edition ni. Mr Red Berry dah smell sumthg fishy dah. tapi sebab kesian kat mamat tadi kan? Tunggu la jugak. The best thing is when we asked abt the price, they said the ori price was RM1,299 but they sell at RM1,199. Mahal jugak (for me lah). In that case, might as well go for Acer which is RM1,099. 

Apart from that, since dah hangin nih, ditambahnye hangin lain lak. Mr Red Berry try tgk netbook tuh and tanye why takde internet connection? Mamat kuli tuh boleh menjawab sambil terkekek, i quote him, "apa, bang? internet? hehehe mana ada internet, bang? hehehe" and he kept on giggling. Time tuh Red Berry dah malas nak layan. Terus tarik tangan my hubby. JOM! so buhbye!!

Surprisingly, we managed to find the same netbook with the same model (and of coz a brand new) but with a far cheaper price. It was sold at RM1,060. So u do the maths! Tapi sayang... nak tlg Melayu.. Melayu tipu. So dapat la kat org bukan Melayu. siapa rugi? Definitely not me! I've got what i want!!! *chuckle*

Moral of the story: Pinocchio.... Don't lie!!!!

That wud be all for now. See ya in my next entry.

Till then... À Bientôt


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